It’s Gotten So Bad In Ferguson, Palestinians Have Begun Giving Advice To Protesters (PHOTOS)


via Twitter

In the past few days, Ferguson, Missouri has seen the widespread use of tear gas, riot gear, and militarized vehicles to crackdown on those protesting the murder of an 18-year-old unarmed black student named Michael Brown at the hands of a (as yet unidentified) police officer. Many people watching in horror have noted how similar the police crackdown appeared compared to other instances of oppression around the world – no one more acutely than the Palestinians who have been dealing with these very types of tactics for years.

In an amazing show of support, Palestinians – many dealing day-to-day with their own dangerous circumstances – have begun posting pictures on social media that recognize the residents of Ferguson as brothers and sisters in a familiar struggle against injustice. Oftentimes, the messages contained advice coming from experience.

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The people of Ferguson appear to be overwhelmed by the show of support coming from across the globe. Many tweeted back to the Palestinians with appreciation.

It’s important to note that the sharing of support does not mean the two struggles are equal. As many have noted, the circumstances surrounding the Israeli invasion of Gaza and the police crackdown in Ferguson are not the same, nor should they  be compared. Instead, it’s worth focusing on the fact that people across the world recognize that all struggles for justice are important, relevant and courageous.