Koch Brothers Pull Million Dollar Ad Campaign From Michigan: Turns Out Ads Might Be Helping Democrats

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The Koch brothers linked group, Freedom Partners, have pulled their planned 1.1 million dollar ad campaign from Michigan due to their ads actually helping Democrat candidates. Politico reports that Freedom Partners recently decided to pull their ad campaign, including nearly $800,000 worth of advertising for the Detroit area, abruptly.

To be fair, the GOP senatorial candidate and former Michigan secretary of state, Terri Lynn Land is such a terrible candidate that an article by the National Journal, titled, “Republicans Are Losing Faith in Their Michigan Senate Candidate,” a “GOP heavyweight,” and friend of Land’s who wished to remain anonymous told the magazine, “She wasn’t anybody’s first choice, for a variety of different reasons. And we’re seeing why.”
Why is a long list that involves a history of breaking federal campaign laws (which no one seems to be doing anything about for some reason. Seriously how come the FEC is still allowing her to run?) and an inability to even answer basic questions about important issues.

While it might just appear that the Koch’s are retracting their bets on a losing horse, a Washington Post article paints the story in a different light. Joel Benenson revealed to the Washington Post the internals of an unreleased poll, that shows that Michigan voters find the Koch brother’s as unfavorable 2-to-1. The poll shows that 56% of Michigan voters know who the Koch brothers are. That means that ads, like the one I have embedded below, that point out Land’s connection to the Koch brother’s and the ads that their money buys are substantially hurting her campaign and the GOP in Michigan.

The polls that show Democrat senatorial candidate, Gary Peters, is holding a consistent lead over Land, after initially falling behind her early on in the race seem to show that having the Kochs help fund your campaign in can be fatal in Michigan.