Republican Candidate Responsible For 2014’s Most Racist Campaign Mailer

Anchorage, Alaska residents got quite the surprise when they received their mail this week. What they saw could quite possibly be regarded as the most racist campaign material of the year.


The mailer is the work of Republican primary Senate candidate Joe Miller, who approved the use of images depicting heavily tattooed men without shirts making gang signs as representation of immigrants. The message on the mailer calls out Democrat opponent Mark Begich for wanting to give “20 million illegals” voting power. As Miller and his state’s three Republican Senate candidates are currently focusing on immigration to win their party’s support for the GOP primary election, this offensive angle should come as no surprise.

Miller’s message doesn’t stop at racist images, as he’s found a way to tie gun rights into his theme of immigration reform. The mailer says:

“And if 20 million illegals vote, you can kiss the 2nd amendment goodbye. I am the only candidate who favors the Voter ID.” [source]

The backside of the mailer features a photo of Miller shooting a handgun, teaching a boy and girl (identified as his children) how to shoot.

Miller got heat for the mailer, and he defended it during a televised debate over the weekend. Miller said:

“There’s a clear correlation, and the clear correlation is this: If you end up granting amnesty to those who don’t value gun rights, who have not been raised in an environment where the Second Amendment is cherished — is considered to be a God-given right — the reality is over a generation or two, the likelihood is very strong that the Second Amendment will not be here.”

“We have violent thugs coming across our border and doing violent things.” [source]

On a funny side note, one of the photos – the top image featuring five men making gang signs – actually appeared on a 2007 book cover about life in a Mexican drug cartel. It doesn’t even depict U.S. gang members!

Fortunately not all are willing to stand with this candidate. Recently, Miller had challenged two Republican candidates to sign a “no-amnesty” pledge, which was in favor of preventing undocumented immigrants from getting any work and opposing legislation that would raise the number of immigrants and guest workers. Miller said:

“My opponents have been unwilling to make a commitment on this crucial issue. Ultimately, it goes beyond whether or not the folks crossing the border are rewarded for their illegal behavior. It is a matter of national integrity, security, the rule of law, and whether we have the will to survive as a sovereign nation.” [source]

Fortunately, both candidates refused.

Miller is currently running another ad alongside this racist mailer that supports the elimination of “foreign aid to countries that encourage illegal immigration.” Hopefully Miller’s mailer is so inflammatory, he doesn’t stand a chance.

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