St Louis County Police To Be Relieved Of Duty In Ferguson


Image Credit: Associated Press

According to multiple sources on twitter, including Bloomberg News U.S. House reporter Derek Wallbank, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon has cancelled his schedule and is on his way to Ferguson. Wallbank and Missouri Rep. Lacy Clay have both confirmed that the Governor plans to announce that the Ferguson county police will be relieved of duty in regards to ongoing protests.



Bloomberg reporter Jonathon Allen confirmed the story, in a piece published on moments later.

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon will announce that St. Louis County law enforcement will be relieved of duty in Ferguson, which has been roiled by protests after the shooting death by police of an unarmed teenager, according to Representative William Lacy Clay.”


Representative Lacy Clay, who represents the Ferguson area, wrote to the US Department of Justice on August 11, 2014, expressing concerns about racial tension in the area and questioning the narrative of local police.

The protests were sparked after the police shot down 18 year Michael Brown, in what witnesses say was an unnecessary shooting. Since protests began, the police have continued to operate with a heavy hand, violating the civil rights of protesters and media representatives.

There is no word on who will replace the Ferguson County police at this time. There will be multiple press conferences this afternoon, with more details to be released shortly.

According to reports from media representatives on the scene, the local police have pointed weapons at peaceful crowds of civilians, fired tear gas and used stun guns on civilians, thrown tear gas on members of the media and engaged in other crowd escalating behaviors. Police, who also arrested Huffington Post and Washington Post reporters who were not breaking any laws, have reportedly refused to present ID or provide full names as they are required by law to do.