Ferguson Police Excuses Destroyed As Anonymous Shares Dispatch Recordings (AUDIO)


The Ferguson Police department attempted to take control of the civil unrest surrounding the cold blooded killing of a teenaged boy by a police officer. They attempted to try and cover their hides by claiming that the victim had robbed a convenience store earlier that day. However that excuse collapsed when it was revealed that the officer had no idea about the robbery at the time of the shooting.

And now as promised, Anonymous has shared the St. Louis public dispatch recording (likely found on Broadcastify) which reveals yet another problem in the Ferguson police claims, showing that rather than report the shooting, the officer contacted dispatch when a crowd began to form after the shooting.

Listen for yourself, the first notice of the event begins around the 10 minute mark, when the first call for crowd control came in.

Dispatch was not even aware of the shooting for several minutes after it happened. And when they contacted dispatch, it was not over the shooting, it was because they were worried about the people gathering. In reality, it took almost half an hour for the transmission of the shooting’s scope to be transmitted to the county dispatch.

This is called a failure of priorities, and denotes a serious problem within the Ferguson PD.

Anonymous has already paralyzed Ferguson through shutting off the cities networks and phone system. They threatened to release the officer involved in the shooting’s information if the Ferguson PD did not, but the city blinked first.

Anonymous still has one demand left, for Missouri’s senators and Ferguson’s federal representative to introduce “Mike Brown’s Law,” to require all police to be outfitted with video recording equipment. In Rialto, California, the outfitting of cameras on individual officers saw a dramatic improvement for the police department, with public complaints against officers dropping by 88%, and officers use of force being cut by 60%. The reality is, when people know that they are going to be held accountable, they think before they act. Behavior then reinforces itself.

Now there is a petition on the White House We The People website asking for the president to oversee the passage of this law.

You may sign this petition here.

That the Ferguson Police Department have been relieved of duty pending an investigation is a step in the right direction. Missouri replaced them with the state patrol, and the results were night and day, with tear gas and rubber bullets replaced with peaceful demonstrations and mutual respect. We shall see if this can be maintained.

Because there is this reminder of the message from Anonymous:

We Are Anonymous.
We Are Legion.
We do not Forgive.
We do not Forget.
Expect us.

Ferguson, Missouri – You are under the microscope. The eyes of the world, not just Anonymous, are upon you.