Breaking: Cop Who Shot Michael Brown Had No Idea He Was A Suspect

michaelbrown_081114-thumb-640xauto-11291Since the shooting of an unarmed teenager in Ferguson, MO by a police officer, the story has been shrouded in lies and obstruction. It took six days to release the name of the shooter. Now, police are trying to put the blame on the 18-year-old victim, Michael Brown, by saying that he was a robbery suspect. That, it appears, is also a lie, or at least a partial lie. If he was a robbery suspect, the shooter didn’t know about it.

After it was released that Brown’s killer was six-year veteran of the Ferguson Police Department, Darren Wilson, the excuses began to fly. The most prevalent and the one that is making its way through right-wing media, is that he looked like someone who stole a $48.99 box of cigars (that’s right, a box of cigars is apparently a reasonable price for a young man’s life). However, at a press conference Friday afternoon, it was revealed that Wilson wasn’t aware that Brown was a suspect at the time he was shot.

During an afternoon news conference (Police Chief Thomas) Jackson said the robbery ‘‘was not related to the initial contact’’ between the officer and Brown on Saturday.

He declined to elaborate as to why the officer stopped Brown and his friend, citing the ongoing investigation into the shooting.

Source: Boston Globe

Did Michael Brown rob the convenience store? It really shouldn’t matter. The cost of a $50 box of cigars should not be a young man’s life. He was clearly no threat to Officer Wilson, since he was unarmed and reports indicated he had his hands up while he was shot 10 times.

Here’s an alleged eyewitness video: