‘I Just Saw Someone Die’: The Man Who Live-Tweeted Michael Brown’s Shooting (PHOTOS)

A recently discovered twitter account may shed new light on the police actions in Ferguson, Missouri, in the moments after an officer fatally shot an unarmed 18-year-old black man named Michael Brown.

Given the fact that no recording of what transpired has ever been located, eyewitness testimony has become the only source of information. Now that the Ferguson Police Department has more-or-less laid out its version – complete with police-friendly details which directly contradict what many of the witnesses say they saw – any new source of information is crucial. Thankfully, a Rolling Stone reporter managed to unearth the twitter account of bystander who appears to have live-tweeted the moments just after the shooting.

His account provides new context for the story and further details about the police response just after the shooting. It’s also a harrowing account of a moment in time.

It’s not possible to verify the veracity of the twitter account (@TheePharoah), but the tweets do start just after the shooting occurred and appear to be located in the right place based on photos tweeted at the time.

Someone asks how many times the cops shot Brown:

Later, cops would say the officer actually fired 10 times.

Soon, more police began showing up. Many carrying automatic weapons.

According to witnesses, police took hours to remove Michael Brown’s body from the street. His body remained uncovered, in full view of neighbors and family during that time.

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