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  1. luckypuck
    August 28, 2014

    Fantastic essay Ms. Morris, fantastic. I, too, have questions, well, non-Biblical questions and if I may, let me amend them here. But first, I must bid all those who are thinking these questions are mere blasphemy, please don’t wimp out by using that old, worn-out cliché “God works in mysterious ways.” It seems more likely He gave us a brain just so we could ask the tough questions involved in the issues which He has left us. Same caveat goes for “you just have to have faith.”
    These questions are posited so if one cannot answer them with facts, then that only leaves us with opinions only and any person’s opinion is no better than any others’ until underscored with facts. Would that so many of us keep that truism in mind when reduced to name-calling. To each his own is more fitting in my view.
    So, just for a grabber of a starter, if everyone is equal under and before the law, how is it men can go topless, but women can’t? If God made us in His image, does He have nipples? What for? Who will He nurse? Does He have a belly-button? How come? To whose umbilical cord was He connected? Does He have a penis? What for? Does He urinate? If so, why? If not, then what is the purpose of His penis? The same thing can be asked about all God’s parts. Does He need eyes to see? Does He need a nose to breathe? Fingers to grasp? Legs to walk or run?

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