Right-Wing Fakes Officer Wilson Injury In Latest Attempt To Blame Michael Brown (IMAGES)

Left is a CT Scan from AAPOS, right a CT scan implied to be Officer Wilson found on The Gateway Pundit

Left is a CT Scan from AAPOS, right a CT scan implied to be Officer Wilson found on The Gateway Pundit

Little Green Footballs is an old man in the world of political blogs. Nominally right-wing, Little Green Footballs (LGF) is best known for its efforts to keep other right-wing blogs honest. When The Gateway Pundit (TGP) claimed that Michael Brown attacked Officer Wilson, and caused a severe skull fracture, LGF went out and found that TGP invented the claim out of whole cloth, and even posted a faked CT scan (top) to back the story up.

Here are the symptoms of an orbital blowout fracture, the injury which TGP had claimed Officer Wilson was suffering.

The most common symptoms are bruising, tenderness and swelling around the eye; redness of the eye; double vision, ordiplopia (seeing two images at the same time); numbness of the cheek, nose or teeth; nose bleeds (epistaxis) [See figure 1].

Symptoms that typically indicate a more serious injury are pain on eye movement, double vision, air under the skin around the eye, and numbness of the cheek/mouth/nose on the side of the injury. Severe trauma may cause facial bone fractures, injury to the eye itself, and injuries to the skull/brain.

For suffering a major injury, Officer Wilson was demonstrating no pain, discomfort, nor was an ambulance called for the treatment of the potentially life threatening injury.

If one has to invent excuses, in an attempt to speak ill of the dead, then there is a major problem with the argument being presented. By faking an injury, through a “secret source” which would pass it to someone who is known to have white supremacist sympathies, if this were true, it would paint the Saint Louis county police department, and the Ferguson PD, in an even worse light than before. Instead however it looks to be just a case of right-wing trickery, one which even reached to the New York Post. Of course, the New York Post did insist that Arnold Schwarzenegger was running for president and blamed the wrong person for the Boston Bombing.

Just because a story fits the narrative you want does not mean you should run with it. The right-wing wants Michael Brown to be a bad guy, so they saw this and went with it, never questioning the validity.

Thank you to LGF for helping to keep the blogosphere honest, and shame on TGF for running a fake story.