MMA Fighter Who Brutally Beat His Ex: Men’s Oppression Is ‘Worse Than Slavery’


MMA fighter War Machine, originally known as Jon Koppenhaver, was arrested on Saturday for brutally assaulting porn actress Christy Mack, his ex-girlfriend, and reality TV personality Corey Thomas.

The attack happened on Friday morning, when War Machine broke into Mack’s house and found her sleeping in bed with Thomas. After punching and choking Thomas and throwing him out of the house, War Machine then tried to rape Mack (unsuccessfully) and continued to beat her for several hours before she finally got the chance to escape while he left the room in search of a knife.

The attack left Mack with broken bones, missing teeth and a ruptured liver. You can see the photos of Mack’s injuries here (warning: they are graphic). When news broke of the incident, the MMA fighter denied the allegations on Twitter and insisted that if was self-defense.

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War Machine has had a distorted view of reality for quite some time. In the past, he’s complained that American men are suffering oppression far worse than African slaves or Holocaust victims.

The last time he was in prison for assault was in 2010. During his time there, War Machine kept weekly “prison blog” updates, where he whined about life in prison and the oppression of  “alpha males” in society. He wrote:

“The oppression of MEN is worse than oppression of Jews in Nazi Germany, worse than the slavery of blacks in early America … I’m not exaggerating either.

The oppressor has learned to kill MEN while their bodies remain alive. And with your ‘spirit extinguished’ you’re nothing but a f*cking zombie, a shell of a man, waiting to die. And THAT is just as bad as death itself.” [source]


One of his posts was so misogynistic it’s impossible to give War Machine the benefit of the doubt in Mack’s assault case. He wrote:

“So it’s Christmas Day and I’m laying in my bunk wondering, ‘Why the hell do American men get married!?’ There is one guy in here for slapping his wife, one here for yelling at his wife, and one here for beating some guy’s *ss that disrespected his wife. WTF!? If your wife is being a b*tch you can’t slap her, if your wife is yelling at you, God forbid you yell back, and if some *sshole hurts your wife, you cannot protect her!”

“Next thing you know it will be illegal to f*ck your wife! LMAO! Maybe then, MEN in this country will get the f*cking hint and MOVE! This country forces you to be a b*tch! And then you go to jail!” [source]

War Machine’s posts, tweets and denial of the battery allegations reveal a truly delusional human being. And of course, this tweet shows that his attitude toward women is clearly unhealthy and dangerous.

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Hopefully with Mack’s claims and his questionable history, War Machine will get the sentencing he deserves.