“I Kill Everybody, I Don’t Care.” Mentally Deranged, Right Wing Fanatic Cop Suspended In Ferguson (VIDEO)

Image Credit: CS Monitor

Image Credit: CS Monitor

A fourth police officer has been suspended in St. Louis, after a violent episode in which he pushed CNN reporter Don Lemon. After the incident, CNN reporters began looking into the background of officer Dan Page. They turned up a video which should send shivers down the spine of every civilized human being.

Page appears to be a member of a right wing militia group. The Oath Keepers, made up of anti-government, anti-immigrant, right wing fanatics who are under the serious delusion that they are the true “Guardians of the Republic” made headlines for their role in the showdown at the Bundy Ranch a few months back.

Oddly enough, Oath Keepers militia members, who claim to be the Guardians of the sacred Constitution of the United States, showed the same pattern of intimidation of the media at the Bundy Ranch, that is on display in Ferguson, Missouri. So much for that part of the Constitution that guarantees the right of the fourth branch of government, otherwise known as the Free Press.

A video of Page speaking to the St Louis and St Charles branch of the Oath Keepers shows him to be a complete right wing nut job. He’s clearly a follower of right wing conspiracy theories. Page can be heard ranting about Obama internment camps, the end of American Sovereignty, the end of Constitutional and much more. He starts off his rant by attacking affirmative action programs, a very basic tenet of the platform of the Ku Klux Klan. He then addresses his conviction that there should be no hate crime laws, because God, of course. Next, he goes into a homophobic rant against gay people and sodomy. He then talks about the need for the people to rise up and overthrow the destructive government…

Like the Ferguson GESTAPO does he mean?

Page talks about his ‘killer instinct’ throughout the video, saying at one point:

“I personally believe in Jesus Christ as my lord savior, but I’m also a killer. I’ve killed a lot. And if I need to, I’ll kill a whole bunch more. If you don’t want to get killed, don’t show up in front of me, it’s that simple. I have no problem with it. God did not raise me to be a coward,”

After more racist remarks, including comments directed at Muslims, such as:

“Muslims are passive until they gain parity with you or they exceed you in numbers and they will kill you,”

he directs a scattering of hate speech directed at liberal democrats:

“Roy Blunt and Claire McCaskill won’t even talk to me. They say ‘You’re an extremist.’ I say amen. OK. And I’m real good with a rifle. My best shot is at 1,875 meters. I got me a gold star on that one. That’s a fact. You run from me you will die tired. I’m dead serious, folks.”


Page says that he retired from the military early, because he refuses to take orders from an “undocumented president.”

Don’t worry, though, Page isn’t a racist or a card carrying member of the KKK. He assures his audience that:

“I’m into diversity. I kill everybody, I don’t care.”

There is so much hate speech in this video that it makes extremely difficult to watch.

That last remark should be something of an eye opener for the all of the white people out there who seem to think they’re safe from killer cops. In case there’s still any doubt about why cops in Ferguson have been ruthlessly attacking members of the media or why they’ve started removing name tags and badges, it’s painfully clear they don’t want to held accountable for their actions. They also don’t want the media getting their names, which could lead to reporters checking around for videos they’ve uploaded to youtube.

There’s a huge difference between right wing fanatics and liberals and democrats. In our world, everyone has the right to exist, including extremist groups and hate mongers and members of the KKK. In their world, if you’re not like them, you’re a rabid dog, worthy of death.

It’s frightening to think that people like this are in possession of badges and guns. It’s more frightening to think that, because they have badges, there is little hope that they will be held accountable, even after murdering someone’s child in cold blood.

This video makes it very clear why media coverage of the Ferguson protests is crucial to the safety of the people in this community. Of real concern though, is what happens to the people of this city after the trial is over, once the story has died down and the media goes away? The ‘good old boys club’ that has terrorized Ferguson for a decade with impunity (the city did not even have a system in place for tracking complaints against the police before 2010) needs to be disbanded, once and for all.

Every judge and every attorney that has helped these cops terrorize and rob the poor should be censored or disbarred. Most importantly, the racist, fascist, police state that is Ferguson, Missouri needs to have a federal monitor overseeing every single move these cops for the next decade. Every cop in this city should be required to wear a camera at all times, while on duty.

Here’s the video of Page speaking at the Oath Keepers meeting. (Warning: Most sane human beings will find this video deeply disturbing and offensive.)
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1XA_yW7Z5OM]
Page has been suspended pending an internal investigation. The ONLY acceptable outcome of that investigation is IMMEDIATE TERMINATION from the police force.