Professional Anti-Gay Bigot Thinks Banning Mixed Race Marriages Is Constitutional


There are a lot of ways to describe people who oppose marriage equality: obnoxious, bigoted, immature, etc. etc. “Smart” and “well informed” are not among those qualifiers.

Take, for instance, Craig James, recently of Fox Sports and now well paid bigot at the Family Research Council. During a radio show in which he was lamenting the horror of a Florida judge ruling that, yes, anti-marriage equality laws are actually unconstitutional, James was challenged by a caller wondering how banning mixed race marriages is different than banning gay marriages:

I guess I don’t see a difference. If the people vote for something that is completely unconstitutional [mixed race marriages], why would you be upset are upholding the constitution?

James’ contention that he relies on the Bible for guidance and the Bible doesn’t forbid mixed race marriages was doomed to failure the second he made it. The caller, obviously better educated than James, crushes that argument by recalling that the religious bigots of the 1950s also used the Bible to justify their opposition to whites marrying those people.


Ironically, the only difference is that the second group is colored.

The bigots of old were quite insistent that Jesus hated the idea of whites and black marrying (the bigots of now still believe that, actually, but that’s a whole different article). Of course, they were also dead certain that Jesus was white despite having been born in the Middle East to Jewish parents. Perhaps they thought “immaculate” meant “Caucasian?” Like I said, “smart” and “well-informed” are not words often used to describe the religious right.

Later on, James confirmed his (intentional?) ignorance when another caller claimed that if people voted against interracial marriage, that would be the law of the land and that would be that. Instead of disagreeing, James took a moment to lament that we’re cherry-picking the law to suit our needs.

This last point is important because it’s absolutely true but not in the way James thinks. For centuries, rich white male (heterosexual) Christian conservatives used the Constitution and the law to maintain their absolute power over everyone not lucky enough to be born a rich white male (heterosexual) Christian conservative. But now that power has eroded and people have been applying the freedoms guaranteed in the Constitution to the very same people that rich white male (heterosexual) Christian conservatives despise. In other words: The rest of us. This makes them very VERY angry. If everyone else has the same freedoms, that means rich white male (heterosexual) Christian conservatives aren’t special anymore. What James is actually lamenting is the loss of status and privilege he and his cohort have enjoyed for so long.

Although, to be fair, rich white male (heterosexual) Christian conservatives do have less freedom now than before. They no longer have the freedom to impose their religion and bigotry on the rest of us and that might be even more terrifying to James than seeing two men kissing at the altar.