Make My Day – Bill Gates Throws His Money Behind Gun Regulations

Photo CC by Severin Nowacki, World Economic Forum

Photo CC by Severin Nowacki, World Economic Forum

The NRA, and affiliated groups, have enjoyed access to a small cadre of billionaires who would think nothing of throwing $250 million for a cause. But there has been an earthquake of epic proportions in the gun control debate.

Bill Gates just entered the political fundraising ring, donating $1 million to Washington’s Initiative 594, which would require background checks before all gun purchases..

With a personal net worth far exceeding $76 billion, he puts the wealthiest members of the NRA’s right-wing organization, the Koch brothers, to shame. The NRA cannot hope to compete dollar-for-dollar against the Nerd Genius – and cannot even hope to compete against his ability to bring awareness and support to any issue.

Bill Gates almost single-handedly eliminated polio in India. He redesigned the entire US educational system. Oh, and he created the software which runs on almost every single desktop and laptop computer in the world. Not bad for a college dropout.

Bill Gates is such a presence, a cultural icon, a worldwide icon, that remains rather humble in real life. And he puts his money where his mouth is, with his vast fortune pledged to charity along with several other billionaires.

Together, the Koch brothers can match him for the size of their fortune. But they want to preserve their fortune. The man who stands against them harbors no delusions of taking it with him. He is instead using his fortune, all of his fortune, to make a difference here and now. He aims to make this a better world for not only his children, but everyone’s children – a world free from disease, with the best educational opportunities, and one where children do not need to fear being shot at their school on a weekly basis.

For those who which to understand Bill Gates positions, from education to gun rights, and to see the changes he is bringing to the world, it is highly recommended that you follow his blog,