‘Make Mine Freedom’ – 1940’s Propaganda Film Ironic Today (VIDEO)

Make Mine Freedom

Shortly after World War 2, the US experienced a wave of propaganda films aiming to show off the virtues of capitalism while displaying the evils of communism. Produced by John Sutherland Productions, it is today in the Public Domain, where we all can witness the irony put forth in the film.

The freedoms it claims are to be taken away by the “ism” here, a thinly disguised amalgam of communism, socialism and fascism, have instead been taken away by the ism it promoted without naming, Capitalism.

Unions have been stripped of power, and now are bordering on collapse. Business managers now are beholden to hedge funds and no longer can run their companies. Politicians are prevented from speaking freely else they are cut off from the campaign contributions required to even run for office. Farmers now cannot store their seed for next year due to corporate patents. It is precisely what the PSA warned us about, but it came about due to Capitalism.

66 years later, and despite the claims in the video, this nation does not treat all citizens equal based on color, creed or religion. If you attempt to ask for a warrant, police now are likely to kill you. Unless you worship in the same church, you find yourself the subject of attempts to force you out of the public square.

The United States had a fantasy that we were better than other nations. Now, our poverty is crippling. We house more prisoners than any other nation in history. Our police are little more than uniformed thugs with military equipment.

Now the states which we ridiculed in this video look nice by comparison. We have become that which we hated. The “ism” they ignored, the one which destroyed the American Dream, is the one they refused to mention directly, but was clear from the presentation.