Pat Robertson: Robin Williams Killed Himself Because He Was A ‘Heathen’ Who Didn’t Worship Jesus (VIDEO)

Pat Robertson

Screen capture of Pat Robertson on his 700 Show from Right Wing Watch.

Just two days after the Emmy Awards honored Robin Williams, conservative “Christian” con man Pat Robertson took a moment on his 700 Club show to smear the late actor and comedian.

Earlier this month, Williams took his own life after a battle with depression. His death shocked the world, but conservatives on Fox News and elsewhere around the country used his death for political attacks against liberals.

For instance, Rush Limbaugh claimed that Williams committed suicide because he was a liberal. The backlash against Limbaugh was swift, and even Lewis Black used strong language to slam the right-wing radio host for his disrespectful and outrageous comments. For awhile, it seemed like the right-wing was done trying to tarnish the memory of a human being who is still loved by millions of people around the globe. But apparently, Pat Robertson wanted his turn.

During his program on Wednesday, Robertson claimed that Williams killed himself because he was a “heathen” who worshiped money and fame instead of Jesus.

What is your God? Is it money? So, when you get money, what’s going to happen? Is it fame? So, when you get fame, what’s going to happen?

You know, you see these very popular people in the media who commit suicide like Robin Williams recently, and you say, ‘What is the deal with him? What happened?’

Well, you see, the God of the heathen are idols. And everything that you seek in life will ruin you, unless that something and somebody is God himself.

Don’t let sexual attraction be your idol, don’t let fame or money or any of these things be your god, but come to the Lord Jesus.

Here’s the video via Youtube.

So according to Pat Robertson, who has spent his life suckering millions of dollars out of people in Jesus’ name, Robin Williams worshiped money and didn’t worship Jesus so he hung himself.

The problem with his comments is that Robin Williams donated much of his time and a lot of his money to charities. And unlike Pat Robertson, who got wealthy and remains wealthy thanks to the gullibility of his congregation, Williams gave so much of himself and his money to good causes in order to help others that he had financial problems. According to the very bible that Robertson claims to read, the wealthy are commanded by God to give away their wealth and that those who do so will be welcomed into heaven for their efforts to help those in need. It sounds like Robin Williams did exactly that, while people like Robertson horde more wealth and tell poor people to give them more money. Like when Profit Pat told an elderly couple with health problems that they should continue to tithe even though they live on a small income. Or when Robertson told people to keep giving him money, even if it meant risking destitution or not having money to pay the bills. After all, as Robertson said, “It’s just $20 a month. And if all of us do it together, it gets to be millions and millions and millions of dollars!”

Yeah, in Robertson’s bank account. Who’s the real money-worshiping heathen now, Pat?