Fox News Host: Putin Would Make A Better U.S. President Than Obama (VIDEO)


Vladimir Putin (image via Flickr)

Fox News hates President Obama so much that they are now openly longing Russian President Vladimir Putin would just come on over and take the reins.

Fox News has a long track record of flirting with Putin. The “We Hate Obama” news organization has propped him up as a contrast to Obama’s weakness (when was the last time Obama annexed a portion of Ukraine?) and of the bygone days where world leaders road horseback without a shirt on. They’ve spent less time dwelling on the fact that Putin isn’t even that great at running his own country, with numerous human rights violations under his belt, a propensity for anti-gay police crackdowns, and a stagnant economy tied almost entirely to its oil exports while many of his citizens live in poverty.

Still, for Fox, he exudes unfounded masculine confidence that harkens back to those Bush years Republicans have recently forgotten were never that great to begin with.

So it was that Fox News convened their least knowledgeable “experts” on their oft-outrageous show, The Five, and set them to work on explaining why Obama is completely wrong about everything and who could do it better. The Fox hosts took it as a fact that anything, literally anything, bad that happened in the world could be directly traced to Obama’s actions. The terrorist group ISIS, which currently holds large areas of both Syria and Iraq, and has engaged on a murderous spree of ethnic and religious cleansing, was apparently emboldened by Obama taking a week’s vacation to play golf.

The Five‘s Greg Gutfeld:

Obama should get his head out of his golf bag or get out of town… It’s time to dispense with political correctness and get over being nice. Nice equals death. …And if our president isn’t up to it, then find someone who is. Hell, maybe it’s better if he stays on the course – for good.

Yeah, just keep Obama on the fairway and ISIS – an Islamic extremist group with an End Of Days mentality – will be begging to throw down their weapons and pick up American flags.

If Obama wasn’t such a weak leader than radicals never would have thought it safe to commit genocide. For example, Ronald Reagan, the cowboy president, never would have stood for ethnic cleansing – except when Saddam Hussein (remember him?) tried it on Kurdish civilians in 1987. Or when in 1984 Bulgaria instituted a mass expulsion of Bulgarian Turks to Turkey. Or the massacres that occurred on a weekly basis in South America as part of Reagan’s failing war on drugs.

Surely, Reagan’s powerful charisma should have been able to stop these human rights atrocities?

But, of course, The Five only has eyes for Obama and his assumed failures of diplomacy so the hosts march on. According to Kimberly Guilfoyle, if America was a strong country under Obama then we would already have boots on the ground in Syria and Iraq. Another war in Iraq just a few years after the last one ended sounds like fun.

There should be no mercy involved because they (ISIS) have shown none. That’s the only language that they understand. …I really think there’s just really one right answer here. We can talk about the ways to get it done – air strikes, certainly – but it’s gonna take more than that. We’ve already got troops on the ground. We already need help from our U.K. and European allies and counterparts.

Oh good, another coalition of the willing. It would be like Bush never left. But Guilfoyle thinks she has a few better options than a return to the last American president, why not a conservative fantasy draft of a few other world leaders:

I mean, can I just make a special request on the magic lamp? Can we get, like, Netanyahu and, like, Putin in for 48 hours, head of the United States? I don’t know. I just want somebody to get in here and get it done right so that Americans don’t have to worry and wake up in the morning fearful of a group that’s murderous and horrific, like ISIS.

Yes, according to Guilfoyle, Putin would need just 48 hours as president of the United States to completely win the War on Terror. Or Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, he’d work too.

What would those two luminaries do? Guilfoyle doesn’t say. Somehow, their presence alone would be enough to completely demoralize Islamic terrorists into unconditional surrender.

If Putin and Netanyahu really do have the power to end terrorism by swagger alone, they may want to consider doing so in their own countries first. What Guilfoyle doesn’t seem aware of is that both Russia and Israel are bastions of terrorist activity. All the shirtless horseback riding has done little to dissuade Russian separatists from targeting Russian interests. According to Russia’s top law enforcement agency, the country was hit with 31 terrorist attacks in 2013 alone.

The Investigative Committee recorded 661 terrorist offences in 2013, Aleksandr Bastrykin reported at the session of the agency’s executive council on Thursday. Of these, 31 qualified as fully fledged terrorist attacks, the head of the Investigative Committee added. Terrorist attacks in 2013 claimed about 40 lives and dozens more injured, Bastrykin said. [source]

Putin should spend 48 hours solving that and get back to us.

And Netanyahu? If he could stop terrorism, he definitely would have already done so. Fox News will tell you over and over just how scary it is to live in Israel because of terrorism. Every year, Israel is hit with dozens of terrorism attacks. Again, conservative Benjamin “McDreamy” Netanyahu hasn’t been able to do anything to stop the terrorism in his own country, much less put the world at ease in knowing they can wake up without being “fear of a group that’s murderous and horrific.” Again, if Netanyahu has this coveted counter-terror information I think we would all appreciate it if he shared that with us.

Meanwhile, Obama has presided over an America which hasn’t been attacked by terrorists groups on U.S. soil since 9/11. He’s also the only President in U.S. history to kill Osama Bin Laden, so there is that.

Fox News hates to admit it, but the world is a complicated, interconnected, screwed up mess. It always has been. Obama spent a week golfing, just like every president took vacations. It’s not that the world went to hell because he played 9 holes, the world already was hell. Installing Putin as leader because you think he looks good with his shirt off, while pretending that the numerous, well-documented flaws that come with those biceps don’t exist, is shameful. Guilfoyle probably had her audience nodding in agreement, but that should be scary not encouraging.