Five Years On Testosterone: Watch This Amazing Timelapse Of Gender Transition (VIDEO)


Skylar Kergil is an artist, a musician and a trans activist. For the past five years, testosterone and surgery have transformed his body.

Requesting to be called ‘Mike’ at just three years old, Skyler was ready to begin taking testosterone by 18. Five years and two surgeries later – he is sharing his transition with the world.

Skyler’s video is not only a fascinating record of his own transition – but can offer a source of inspiration to trans people across the world.

Researchers from the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and the Williams Institute at UCLA School of Law completed a study this year which found that an astonishing 41% of people who identify as transgender report attempting suicide at least once in their lives, 9 times the average.

Factors increasing the likelihood of suicide include rejection from family members, becoming homeless based on prejudice, being taunted and attacked as children and adults. Diego Sanchez, policy director for PFLAG National, an organization for family, friends and supporters of LGBT people, said of the report:

“This report punctuates what PFLAG families know is fundamental — that there is life-saving merit, demonstrable value, and paramount need for family acceptance,” said

So watch Skyler’s transition and take inspiration. It gets better.