JK Rowling’s Brilliant Response To A Homophobic Harry Potter ‘Fan’


A self-proclaimed former Harry Potter fan thought he’d tweet author JK Rowling with his outrage that lead character Professor Dumbledore was gay. Her response was so brilliant, he left twitter.

Here is the original tweet from ‘Frank’, a.k.a halfelven55ff:

B001Rowling was quick to confront this homophobia and pin her (rainbow) colors to the mast.


Now, Frank (Halfelvenf55) might need to hit a search engine to grasp how badly he just got punked.  But it’s bad.

Brian Souter was Scotland’s richest business man in 2000, when he decided to donate £1 million ($1.62m) to fight the repeal of a hated piece of anti-gay legislation in the UK. Section 28 (passed by the Thatcher government in 1988) made it impossible for teachers and other adults who worked with children to discuss or legitimize homosexuality – meaning countless gay children feeling alone and wrong.

He lost. The awful law was repealed.  But he did at least pick up gay rights charity Stonewall’s ‘Bigot of the Year’ award for his efforts.

A decade later, and Souter was back to battle against Equal Marriage, arguing society would ‘implode’ if same-sex marriage laws were passed.

He lost again, the parliaments of Scotland and the UK backed Equal Marriage.

So, really not a flattering comparison.

Frank’s account duly disappeared from the twittersphere.

Perhaps it was a troll account, now irreparably burned by the encounter…or maybe Frank was so horrified by the comparison he decided to knock his bigotry on the head. We’ll never know.  Either way, the world is certainly no worse off for his silence.