Idiot Ted Cruz Wants To Screw The American People AGAIN


Village idiot Ted Cruz was the most vocal supporter of the sixteen day government shutdown last year. His big master plan to stop Obamacare’s implementation was a complete failure and cost taxpayers at least $24 billion dollars. How fiscally responsible of him! Cruz indicated on Tuesday that he has no problem doing it again to stop the brown kids DREAMers from continuing receive status under the Deferred Action program.

“I think we should use any and all means necessary to prevent the president from illegally granting amnesty.” [Source]

Cruz said he was unsure if he’d support a continuing resolution to fund the government that didn’t have a measure to end Deferred Action of Childhood Arrivals.

In July Cruz introduced a bill that would end the program and stop any future applicants from getting help. That means the hundreds of thousands of DREAMers that have been granted employment authorization would not be able to renew it.

Cruz and his fellow Republicans love to hate immigrants. They have chosen to go after this group the hardest lately. It makes no sense since most of these people are Americans in every way that matters except on paper.

Every single time Cruz and company refers to the program as an amnesty program they demonstrate how little they actually understand it to begin with. Deferred Action does not grant anyone amnesty. ┬áTheir citizenship status is not changed when they are approved. They are merely given work permits. It’s nothing at all like Reagan’s amnesty program.

When Obama took office Republicans started using government funding as a bargaining chip. They hold our government hostage to further their own agendas. Last year they succeeded in shutting it down, but accomplished absolutely nothing.

Well, they did accomplish something. When republicans shut our government down they proved hope little they actually care about about democracy.