Game Changer In Michael Brown Murder Case? New Witnesses Against Officer Wilson Are White

A few days ago, I wrote about a pair of “new” witnesses to Michael Brown’s murder in Ferguson, Missouri whose testimony is that Brown was executed while surrendering. Their testimony carries more weight because they’re not from Ferguson and have no ties there. This doesn’t mean that the people of Ferguson are somehow untrustworthy but these two witnesses not being locals means they can’t be smeared or dismissed as “prejudiced.”

Now a video of the two men reacting just minutes after the shooting shows us that both men are white and, suddenly, their testimony is being called a “game changer” by various media outlets like CNN:

First, could calling this a “game changer” be any more racist (yes, it’s in my title and yes, it’s still racist)? Second, thank God for that racism.

Look, we all know calling it a “game changer” is insulting in the extreme and, as my friend LaRonda pointed out, “That is the epitome of white privilege.” What? The numerous black residents who saw what happened can’t be believed but a couple of white guys can?

As far as the prosecution’s case is concerned? Yeah, pretty much.

I, for one, was happy to hear that the witnesses were not from the area. That instantly destroys the possibility that Wilson’s defense could rely on discrediting the local witnesses as prejudiced against the police. One of the things we learned from the protests is that there have been years of tension building between the almost entirely white police force and the very far from entirely white population of Ferguson. And defense lawyer would use that tension to sow doubt that their testimony would be 100% honest.

But once I saw that the two witnesses were white? My smile got even bigger. You see, while I find the idea that a white witness’ account carries more weight to be utter crap, the fact remains: A white witness’ account carries more weight. Just because I don’t like it doesn’t mean it’s not true. We are still a deeply racist country but in this rare instance, it should work to the advantage of the community of Ferguson.

Sure, it would have been relatively easy for some to dismiss all of the black witnesses as racially motivated to seek justice for a slain black teen, but it’s pretty much impossible to dismiss two white witnesses the same way. So, really, it’s not so much “Hooray! We can trust white people!” as “Hooray, now you can’t play the race card to get a killer cop off the hook!”

It’s an imperfect route to possible justice but better imperfect than nothing at all.

Meanwhile, the news that these two men are white will send the not-racist-at-all right wing into a frenzy. It annihilates their not-at-all-racist narrative that Wilson was only “defending himself” from a dangerous nigger “thug.” If two white people say Brown had his hands up when he was shot how they call all the other witnesses racist liars? If the right wing stays true to form, their solution will be to ferret out the identity of these two men and look for ANY excuse to discredit them. Were they ever arrested? Do they have black friends? Did they vote for Obama?! Remember, the right is not interested in actual justice, they’re solely motivated by keeping a white cop from being punished for murdering a black teen. These are the same people that claimed Michael Brown’s juvenile records involved a charge of second-degree murder and tried (and failed) to have them unsealed. Why make something like that up? To support the right’s not-at-all-racist narrative that Brown deserved to die.

It’s a sad statement on America’s complete lack of post-racialness that we’re reduced to relying on white privilege and overt racism to hopefully get actual justice for Michael Brown.