The Worst Tweet By A Republican About The Ray Rice Domestic Violence Incident (IMAGE)

When TMZ released video of Ray Rice brutally knocking out Janay Palmer, national outrage ensued. But not everyone condemned this incident of domestic violence. Many people, mostly conservatives, praised it and said Palmer deserved it. That includes South Carolina Republican troll Todd Kincannon, who wins the prize for worst tweet about domestic violence ever.

On September 9th, Kincannon referred to Palmer as a “dumb bitch” who got what was coming to her. Though it appears to have been deleted on his account, the tweet still lives on thanks to screen captures. Here is the tweet.


According to Kincannon, Ray Rice is the real victim here, despite the fact that Palmer is the one who got knocked cold in the most vicious way. Ever since, Kincannon has posted many other tweets about domestic violence that will make your skin crawl and you blood boil. In fact, it should make veryone fear for the safety of his own wife, whom he references in many of the tweets.

Here are just a few of them.

So while most sane Americans are treating domestic violence seriously and are working to end it, Republicans like Todd Kincannon think beating women is one big joke.

It’s incredibly sad that many so-called “men” in our society believe that it’s perfectly acceptable to hurt women. The fact is, Palmer didn’t do anything in that elevator that warranted being punched so hard in the face that she was unconscious before she hit the ground. Ray Rice was clearly not in danger and his life was not threatened. Self-defense does not apply here. He didn’t have to do what he did, but he did it anyway.

Real men do not hit women. But if we don’t call out the schmucks who think domestic violence is acceptable, it will be harder to someday eradicate it. In fact, it’s quite possible Republicans will continue to try and roll back domestic violence laws if we don’t. Just remember, it was Republicans who opposed renewing the Violence Against Women Act. If given the chance, they’ll happily try again and then “men” like Kincannon would actually be able to get away with beating women whenever they feel like it.