ISIL Now Running What May Be The Largest Prostitution Ring In The Middle East

Photo from ATV news

Photo from ATV news

When the Isis Caliphate began drawing attention, a series of articles began to pop up proclaiming that there was an army of “sex jihadists” flocking to the region with the goal to support the troops sexually. Reports that there were “Comfort Women” coming from Australia, Malaysia, and even Britain, have so far all proved to be fake when studied closer. But, with new information, it appears that yes, the fighters of the Islamic State have had women to bed, they are not freely given from western nations, but instead the old-fashioned sex slave taken from the local population.

A Yazidi girl recently managed to escape from the Caliphate, and her story has been relayed through Italy’s La Repubblica newspaper. The tale given changes the entire narrative, talking about how the Caliphate’s warriors were prostituting out the thousands of captured women.

(translated)A week after our arrival came three men very bad that we have discussed one by one, touching us everywhere in front of everyone and scaring us to death with a knife. After an hour they took fifteen of us. I do not know where they ended up.

The reports of women willingly offering themselves up for the sexual satisfaction may have been a clever rouse by the Caliphate, to cover up their true actions. By capturing, then selling, the women of Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Turkey into slavery, for thousands each, they have created a lucrative business enterprise, while putting further pressure on their opposition. After all, if the Iraqi army puts up a fight, it might be their own wives, daughters and sisters who will be sold off next.

The trafficking in sexual slaves has turned the Caliphate into one of the richest terrorist networks on the planet, between it, theft, extortion and oil smuggling gaining the organization over $3 million per day in profit. By having a convenient cover story, of western women engaging in a “sex jihad” the true cause of the rise in the sex trade within the Caliphate was covered up and could be ignored by the western media. After all, if some Australian women wanted to go to bed with a self-proclaimed freedom fighter, it was more a scandal for their family than any real news.

But instead, the media’s focus on what appears now to have been a clever cover story has enabled the terror network to have cornered the market in that area of the world in human lives. This is a case of the media, in pushing a sensationalistic narrative, have missed the story entirely. And in so doing, many lives have been destroyed by the horror which is human trafficking and sexual slavery.

If you are or know of someone who is currently being exploited, please contact Breaking Free, a nonprofit dedicated to helping women who wish to escape the abuse of human trafficking.