Senate Republicans Vote Against Women, Unanimously Kill Paycheck Fairness Act

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If Republicans really wanted to show women that they care about them ahead of the election in November, they failed miserably.

On Monday, Senate Republicans unanimously rejected the Paycheck Fairness Act, which would help narrow the pay gap between male and female workers. Women currently make 77 cents for every dollar a man makes.

If the bill became law, it would ban employers from prohibiting employees from talking about their salaries with each other. Essentially, the bill would create paycheck transparency, which would make it difficult for employers to get away with paying women less for doing equal work.

In addition, the bill would increase the economic power of women and strengthen their financial ability, meaning women can take care of themselves and their families better. They’ll have more money to be able to afford healthcare, food, homes, and could actually save more money too. Life would be less of a struggle, especially for working single mothers.

But Republicans said no to all of that and defeated the bill. In the end, it failed to garner the 60 votes required for passage. All 40 votes against the bill were Republicans. The GOP had allowed the bill to move forward for a vote last week in a pathetic effort to improve their image among women, but when it came down to a vote, they killed it.

According to ThinkProgress, “the vote came weeks after the Republican National Committee claimed that, “All Republicans support equal pay” on Twitter. The RNC also had the nerve to accuse Democrats of wanting to pay women less than men.

Here’s the tweet.

Clearly, the RNC claim is one big fat lie considering not one Senate Republican supported equal pay enough to actually vote for it. If they say they support equal pay for women, they should put their vote where their mouth is and fast-track the bill to President Obama’s desk so he can sign it into law.

Once again, Republicans showed their true colors on women’s issues. Their continued support of the gender pay gap should widen the gender gap on Election Day in November. In 2012, women flocked to the voting booth and helped deliver a knockout blow to the GOP. The gap was so alarming to Republicans that they admitted they needed to improve their image among women. But that was then. Two years later, Republicans are still waging war against women and apparently have learned nothing from suffering a 12 point gender gap because of it. It looks like Republicans will have to suffer an even bigger loss in order for them to truly learn a lesson.