Mother Ruins Harry Potter To Indoctrinate Her Kids Into Conservative Christianity

Magic wand casting a spell on Harry Potter books

Magic wand casting a spell on Harry Potter books

Fan-fiction is a fun activity which allows fans of literary works to keep the adventures of their favorite characters alive. In the wrong hands, however, a good work of fiction can turn into a fictional abomination.

That’s what a woman did when she completely re-wrote Harry Potter by turning it into a conservative Christian-obsessed world where the main characters are fighting against the evil forces of Congress — led by Voldemort — who are allegedly trying to destroy their Christian beliefs. She did this because she thinks her kids will turn into witches if she allows them to read the books as written by author JK Rowling.

Even beloved character, Professor Dumbledore, didn’t escape getting a complete makeover. He’s been turned into a southern preacher at the re-christened Hogwarts School of Prayer and Miracles.

So far, six chapters have been written. Here are a few examples of the content you’ll find via Tickld. Just be warned, if you’re a fan of Harry Potter, prepare yourselves for quite a shock.

Reverend Dumbledore beamed. “Why thank you, little one!” His voice had a distinctive southern twang to it that made Harry feel so safe and welcome. He knew in that moment that the Reverend was a man of God.

“My father says that dark times are coming,” Hermione spoke worriedly. “There is a man named Voldomort who wants to destroy all that we stand for. He is pushing an agenda in congress which will stop us from practicing our faith freely.”

“But that is what our founding fathers built this nation for!” Harry cried indignantly. “The freedom of religion!”

Hagrid beamed widely. He had been praying so hard to save a soul today; and he was so happy to have saved the soul of such a sweet, earnest little one. The poor boy, being raised by two parents who were not Christian; and who both went to work and left him with a babysitter all day long. It was a good thing Hagrid had got here in time. Five years down the road, Harry might have been a fornicating, drug addicted Evolutionist!

A smug-looking young man about Harry’s age with slicked-back hair even paler blond than Luna’s and wearing a sweater vest and khakis strolled languidly down between the rows of tables.

“Please, ignore this fool,” Draco drawled smugly. “Luna here thinks she can have a career even though she’s a woman; and women are stupid.”

Harry gaped at this horrible person. What a mean thing to say!

“Women shouldn’t not have careers because women are stupid!” Harry shouted indignantly. “Women are not stupid at all! Women should not have careers because women are nurturing and loving and their gifts serve them best in the home!”

Yeah, someone seriously wrote this. If you can stomach reading more, justĀ click here.

As you can probably tell, this fictional re-write is clearly the work of a conservative “Christian.” The passages include intolerance toward people of other faiths, a hatred of sex before marriage, and a general frowning down upon women not staying in the home to raise children. It also strongly suggests that evolution is evil and that Voldomort is basically President Obama. The author herself even reveals her paranoia by stating her fears that her children will be led into a life of witchcraft if she lets them reads the actual books.

Some Christians object to the Harry Potter series because they believe witchcraft is equivalent to Satan, but this is the most ridiculous way to keep kids from reading it. You can bet that when these kids read the real books someday, they’re not going to appreciate their mother lying to them and keeping the actual books from them. Not only is this work of fan-fiction a blatant effort to indoctrinate kids into Christianity, it’s filled with factual errors. The most glaring error is the claim that the Founding Fathers founded America as a Christian nation. They most certainly did not.

It also completely massacres the original work. Harry Potter is about loyalty, tolerance, love, sacrifice, friendship, discovery, education, and loss. This version of Potter is so messed up that the author might as well just force her kids to read the bible. And she probably has. This fan-fiction doesn’t embody Christian values at all. Real Christians do not hate, they are not intolerant of others, and they don’t try to force their beliefs down the throats of others. It’s harmful to children and basically amounts to child abuse.

The seven Harry Potter books are cherished works of literature that have inspired kids all over the world to read. Sadly, many kids will not be able to find the same joy and wonder in reading these books because they’re either forbidden from reading them or they’re being force-fed a complete work of hogwash by their intolerant, paranoid, ignorant, and religion-obsessed parents. That’s not a happy story. It’s a tragedy.