“I Lost My Job Because Of Sarah Palin,” Brawl Witness Says (VIDEO)


Image Credit: Eric Thompson, gofundme.com

There’s been a lot of speculation as to why more witnesses have not been willing to go on the record, after initial media reports of a drunken brawl that involved former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and her family, earlier this month. While as many as a dozen witnesses gave statements to the police on the night of the fiasco, very few have been willing to talk openly about what they saw and heard that night. One of the men, Eric Thompson, who initially spoke to the media immediately after the incident, says he was fired from his job simply because he spoke to the press.

On the night of September 6, 2014, Eric Thompson was attending a party in honor of the McKenna Brothers. The twin brothers, who were celebrating their birthday, own the paving company where Thompson was employed. The party took place at the home of another McKenna Brothers employee, officer manager Korey Klengenmeyer. Little did Thompson know that the party would soon become the scene of a drunken brawl, courtesy of Sarah Palin, along with several others members of the Palin clan: Bristol, Willow, Track, and husband Todd.

Thompson witnessed a good deal of the infamous drunken brawl, so he was asked to provide a witness statement to the police on the night of the incident. He says that soon after, he began receiving calls from the media, who found his name listed on public records. He was invited on Good Morning America, to talk about what he saw happen at the party.

Here’s Thompson’s interview with Good Morning America:

Thompson says that within an hour of the time the interview aired, he received a call from his employer. According to Thompson, he said “I can’t have this,” and then fired him on the spot.

Thompson has started an account on gofundme.com, asking for help covering living expenses and legal fees, which he says have been stacking up since the “whole debacle.” He hasn’t provided the details regarding any legal costs.

Thompson states that he has nothing against his former employers, the McKenna brothers, and says they’re nice people, whom he considers friends.

No doubt former governor Sarah Palin has friends in powerful positions in Alaska. The McKenna Brothers own a paving business, and that business has gotten a lot of government contracts in recent years. You can see just a few of those contracts here, here, and the folks at Political Gates have screen shots of a bunch more here.

I’ve heard many on the right come out in defense of Thompson’s firing, falsely claiming that state ‘at will’ employment laws protect employers under conditions like this. No, they actually do not. It is illegal under federal law to fire someone as an act of retaliation (among other things).

Since Thompson himself seems to believe that the McKenna brothers are basically good guys, that leaves room for speculation as to whether Palin herself put pressure on them to shut Thompson up. What was McKenna referring to, when he told Thompson “I can’t have this.” This what?

At the moment it’s only speculation, but Gryphen from Alaska’s own Palin watchdog website, The Immoral Minority, has this to say:

“Over the years the Palins have caused MANY people to lose their jobs for daring to call them out on their crap, or revealing things that they do not want revealed….

However just so you know, this last escapade has angered a number of people who have up til now kept their mouths firmly shut, so stay tuned for more Palin dirt to come.

P.S. Oh and that dirt is about far more than this little fracas. And you can take THAT to the bank.”

Here’s  Thompson’s video explaining his termination, from his gofundme.com page: