‘South Park’ Trolls Washington Redskins With Brutal Ad Aired During Game (VIDEO)

If you watched the Washington Redskins game and you happened to be in the Washington, D.C. area, you may have seen a new promo ad for Comedy Central’s “South Park” which hit very close to home.

During a commercial in anticipation for South Park’s 18th season, a clip aired featuring a cartoon version of Redskin’s owner Dan Synder as he fights Cartman over the use of the name “Washington Redskins.”

After Synder’s organization lost the rights to the Washington Redskin’s trademark due to it being ruled “hate speech” (something that actually happened), Cartman appears to have created a new organization that uses the name and logo. Synder is infuriated.

“In the name of decency, I ask that you please stop using the name ‘Washington Redskins’ to refer to your company,” Synder says.

But Cartman is unmoved. He explains that while he appreciates the football team owner’s concerns, he is only using the name in the most respectful way possible.

“I have total respect for you,” he says, with feigned sympathy. “When I named my company ‘Washington Redskins,’ it was out of a deep appreciation for your team and your people.”

It doesn’t take a football fanatic to recognize the parallels between the arguments the cartoon Snyder is using to plead his case, and the actual concerns that Native Americans have with the historically derogatory nature of the name.

The ad aired during the fourth quarter of the Redskins-Eagles game on Sunday. According to sports website SB Nation, the ad only played in the D.C. area where Washington fans were sure to see it. Now that is next level trolling.

In recent weeks, the scandal over the team name has been superseded by several other high profile scandals involving domestic abuse by players. Still, the issue doesn’t appear to be resolved anytime soon, especially as Snyder has time and again insisted that he would never change the name.

But if the name stays, then the team will constantly have a target on their backs.

Just days ago, The Daily Show ambushed several “Redskin” defenders by pitting them against actual Native Americans. Things did not go well. Later, some of the defenders tried to file criminal charges against the shows producers for setting up their humiliation, but police informed them that making someone look really stupid isn’t an actual crime.

Needless to say, the NFL has been having a really rough year.