Sarah Palin Whines About Obama Salute In Incredibly Disrespectful Speech, Apologizes To Military (VIDEO)

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In the same Values Voter Summit speech in which she got the address of the White House wrong, Sarah Palin also mocked President Obama over his Styrofoam cup salute.

During her speech, Palin accused liberals of actually creating scandals to distract Americans from other so-called scandals. Seriously, she really claimed that liberals are the ones making scandals out of things. In addition, the rambling sentence also referenced Benghazi, the IRS, and golf while completely disrespecting the Commander-in-Chief.

They distract, beboppin’ from one scandal after another, knowing that there are so many that you can’t keep up with all of ’em so no one is ever held accountable, from the IRS corruption to you being spied on to Benghazi to bailouts to- Bush’s war was bad, but Barack’s bombs, oh baby those red lines, the strategy there that was thought up on the back nine, Barack’s bombs, oh they’re the bomb.

Then Palin mocked President Obama further by re-enacting the latte salute complete with Styrofoam cup in her hand.

Here’s the video, via Right Wing Watch:

First of all, Sarah, it’s PRESIDENT Obama. Referring to him as Barack is totally disrespectful.

Second, Palin is whining over scandals that were complete creations of the Republican Party. In their desperation to criticize President Obama, the GOP attempted to make spectacles out of just about anything they thought they could turn into a scandal. Benghazi was a tragedy, but Republicans repeatedly cut security funding for diplomats in the months leading up to it. For months, conservatives tried to use Benghazi and the deaths of four Americans for their political gain. But Americans didn’t buy Republican lies and re-elected President Obama to a second term anyway.

As for the IRS scandal, it was revealed in the midst of the conservative temper tantrum that even liberal groups were targeted. But you didn’t hear Republicans bitch about that. To them, they were the only real victims.

And it’s not like President Obama is the only Chief Executive to play golf. In fact, President Bush played a fair amount of golf himself, not to mention taking loads of vacation days, during a time when America was fighting two wars.

This isn’t the first time Palin has criticized President Obama over “lattegate.” On her Facebook page, she posted a picture of the salute and apologized to the military, even though Palin never criticized former President Bush for doing the same thing, but while carrying a dog.

Here’s the image of the post.

Here’s the post by Sarah Palin.

But as we all know, this kind of phony patriotism and pandering doesn’t exactly sit well with members of our armed forces.

During a Tea Party rally in the middle of the Republican-caused government shutdown last October, Palin used military veterans as political pawns. While she was speaking in an effort to hijack a non-political Million Veterans March, a veteran spoke out against Palin, calling her an idiot.

And Palin has proved just how right that veteran is time and time again in the year that has passed since.