National Review Writer Argues Women Who Have Had Abortions Should Be Hanged


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How’s this for pro-life: Death to anyone who has had an abortion.

Recently, conservative writer Kevin D. Williamson penned a piece for the National Review which argued, among other things, that liberals and 20-somethings (who stubbornly tend to lean to the left) are “too dumb to vote.” While the premise is laughably insulting to a full half of the country, albeit predictable fare for a right-wing outlet such as that, the article itself focused less on voting and more on the evils of abortion.

Ostensibly, the article was structured around attacking writer and actress Lena Dunham because she is a liberal and had recently encouraged young people to vote this November (but mostly because she is a liberal). Instead, the article quickly spun into a barely-coherent screed against — in no particular order — the pro-choice movement, feminism, Lena Dunham’s appeal, and accusations of child murder. For Williamson, Dunham’s popularity was symptomatic of a larger culture of progressive values that he thinks are ruining the country.

Our national commitment to permanent, asinine, incontinent juvenility, which results in, among other things, a million or so abortions a year, is not entirely unrelated to the cultural debasement that is the only possible explanation for the career of Lena Dunham. A people mature enough to manage the relationship between procreative input and procreative output without recourse to the surgical dismemberment of living human organisms probably would not find much of interest in the work of Miss Dunham.

The article continues in a similar fashion from there on out, never straying far from the “Dunham loves abortions” narrative which Williamson had invented.

Obviously, an intentionally abrasive article such as this one was bound to receive some passionate feedback. One Twitter user noted the rhetorical leaps it took for Williamson to say “get Big Government out of the bedroom” in the same article in which he advocated for ending all abortions — a restriction he would presumably want done by Big Government.

When asked whether he felt people who have had abortions should get life in prison for the crime of murder, Williamson didn’t hesitate to go further.

When people asked him why he felt a woman deserved to be hanged Williamson quipped that he was “old fashioned.” He quickly deleted that tweet. Then he said that he didn’t like the idea of the death penalty in general, but since America has it, they might as well use it on women who have had abortions.

So, somewhere in Kevin D. Williamson’s mind there is a fierce debate raging over whether capital punishment should exist at all, but if it does exist, anyone who has a hand in an abortion should be given that sentence. The mind boggles.

There are a few things he said that he does stand behind though. One of which being that he is against abortion even in cases of rape and incest.

And when people remarked that he was being needlessly cruel by advocating for the use of hanging rather than more modern forms of capital punishment, he argued that he had seen a real, live hanging and therefore he had a right to condemn women to the gallows (although, never explained why that may be the case):

What’s shocking is not that Williamson believes these things, it’s clear that he — and many of his readers — really, sincerely do. Hearing him say it so openly is another story. It’s rare to see the war on women laid bare; the utter contempt made explicit.

Williamson isn’t exactly “fringe conservative,” either. He’s a frequent guest on Fox News — a channel which has never cared much what its guests have said or written previously as long as they get in front of a camera and yell at Obama loudly  — and the author of several books. In essence, he is the pro-life movement’s Id — willing to say what the other guys won’t but wish they could. That’s scary.

And for that reason, if nothing else, you may want to consider taking Lena Dunham’s advice and voting this and any other election in which Williamson doesn’t want you to. As we’ve seen, people like Williamson have an agenda and it can only be actualized if others don’t stand up – especially liberals and young voters.