Conservatives Try To Make Their Own ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ With Guns, Flags, And The Bible (PHOTOS)


Image via Facebook

This summer, seemingly everyone you had ever met began taking the “Ice Bucket Challenge” and uploading the results to social media. The rules were simple: donate money to finding a cure to ALS or dump a bucket of ice water on your head and nominate others to do the same. The challenge spread like wildfire until even Bill Gates and Charlie Sheen were doing it.

Some conservatives took one look at it and said, “Nope, not patriotic enough.” Meet “The American Challenge,” which has nothing to do with fighting ALS and everything to do with fighting the culture war they are convinced conservatives and liberals are engaged in.

On September 28, a woman going by the name of Renee Benghazi Baseke (of course she does) uploaded a photo of someone holding a Bible, a handgun, and an American flag (also possibly a lap dog obscured by the gun). The caption was a challenge for fellow conservatives:

The American Challenge
Many of you have done the Ice bucket challenge. Let’s see how many of you will do the American Challenge! You have 48 hrs to post a pic of yourself with an American flag, a Bible, and a gun or post on your timeline why you do not accept the American Challenge! Let’s show the world that we are PROUD AMERICANS!

And just like the ice bucket challenge, she followed it up with a list of other America-loving patriots who were asked to complete the challenge.

So far only one had apparently done so, diligently uploading her own picture carrying a Bible, a flag and — upping the ante — what appears to be a rifle.


Image via Facebook

Others expressed interest and were curious about the rules:



And at least one person was so despondent over the plight of the conservative, Christian patriot in America that she refused to do it on principle.

While it is unclear where the American Challenge originated, it is very similar to a photo that conservative blogger Holly Fisher infamously uploaded of herself holding a gun, a Bible and in front of an American flag that went viral earlier this summer.

Many people, including Addicting Info, noticed the disturbing similarity between her picture and that of Muslim extremists who, like Fisher, proudly pose in front of their flag holding holy books and guns. The comparison was best captured by an uncanny and unsettling side-by-side comparison: two women from different cultures who look exactly the same.

image1-500x321It appears that instead of joining the world in shaking their heads at Fisher for her jingoistic sense of cultural superiority, the American Challenge conservatives used this photo as an inspiration.

We are at the very beginning of this call-to-action and I fully expect others to jump at the chance to take selfies with their three favorite things in the world.

We’ll be waiting.