‘Jeopardy!’ Category Titled ‘What Women Want’ Filled Entirely With Sexist Stereotypes

Monday’s broadcast of the long-running game show, Jeopardy!, featured a category titled “What Women Want” and it became excruciatingly clear that the show’s writers have no idea what that is. Either that or they had fallen asleep working on the questions while watching a rerun of Mad Men.

At a time when the country is struggling with serious issues regarding gender equality, Jeopardy! could have taken the opportunity to explore some of the things 21st Century women have been fighting for. How about equal pay? Or perhaps, access to birth control? Maybe greater legal protections against sexual assault?

Instead, the show offered such examples as “a new vacuum cleaner” and “Pilates.” Yuck.

43243241344215415541414121The cringe-worthy questions led to a swift rebuke from fans of an otherwise usually pretty uncontroversial show. Actress Sophia Bush noticed the category and called it out on Twitter using the hashtag #SexismIsUgly.

Others followed suit and began giving their own examples of “what women want” to mock the stereotypes listed in the episode.

Strangely, those are all better answers than the writers of the show provided.