Louisville, KY Police Shoot And Kill Fugitive Mom After 7-Hour SWAT-Style Standoff (VIDEO)

39-year-old Tracy Wade went on the lam and holed up in a house with her 18-month-old son and a gun. But did Louisville, Kentucky police have to shoot and kill her?

WDRB reports police shot Wade around 11:00 p.m. Wednesday night as she emerged from the house after an eight-hour SWAT-style standoff, and then pointed her gun at them. They took her to University Hospital where she died 40 minutes later.

Thankfully, the toddler is alive and unharmed (well, other than having to live with the trauma of police officers shooting his mother for the rest of his life), and LMPD placed four of its police officers on administrative leave pending an investigation.

Here’s the video with the news report from WDRB:

LMPD faced a tense situation, but did Tracy Wade have to die?

An earlier news report from WLKY — which sent a crew to the Indian Falls subdivision while the SWAT-style standoff was still taking place — indicates that LMPD faced a tense situation. Wade apparently had violated the terms of her probation for a felony conviction, and Louisville Metro police had originally come to serve a warrant.

Yet, when Wade told the police officers she had a gun, they called in the SWAT team. Although they didn’t have the impression that Wade would harm her son, LMPD proceeded carefully and with all due caution — or, at least seemed to do so at first.

LMPD spokesman Dwight Mitchell told WLKY:

The officers got to the residence […] and were talking to the person of interest on the warrant, that individual at that point stated she had a gun, officers backed out at that point, and formed a perimeter around.

At the time, Mitchell appeared to feel hopeful of a positive outcome with the Wade situation.

The LMPD SWAT team was called to that address and are currently out there now. There has been a communication with that individual at this point, and right now, time is on our side.

Unfortunately, time turned out to be no friend to Louisville’s police department.  But what happened? Why — after eight hours of cautious communications and gently cajoling Wade to come out of her house — did LMPD shoot to kill?

Members of the U.S. Marchall service and the LMPD biker unit — along with an entire SWAT team — couldn’t handle a single and obviously unstable woman holding a gun that might not have even been loaded? That must have been one heck of a scary woman and/or gun!

And despite the apparent presence of reporters, details about Wade’s shooting seem rather skimpy. How many officers shot her? The four placed on leave?  What kind of gun did she have and was it loaded? What crime had Wade originally committed? Did the child see her get shot?

Here’s the video with LMPD spokesman Dwight Mitchell:

Featured image: Video screen grab/WDRB.