Erik Rush: Round Up Muslims And Throw Them In Concentration Camps

The right wing has been whispering for years that liberals are building secret concentration camps to lock up all the conservatives when Obama the Tyrant finally overthrows America. For obvious reasons, the idea horrifies them. This is America, after all! The land of freedom and liberty! But the same people that think being put into camps is against everything America stands for are awfully eager to lock up other people in camps with exactly zero evidence of guilt.

Take, for instance, columnist Erik Rush of WorldNetDaily and frequent guest on, shocker, Fox News; In his latest column, he’s decided that all Muslims are actually terrorist sympathizers that can’t be trusted. The…ahem…final solution to this problem is to put them into camps:

…Islamist militant leaders abroad have called for such attacks, just as they called weeks ago for lone-wolf attacks and beheadings of Americans on American soil.

We deported, expelled and interned foreign nationals and naturalized citizens for a whole lot less during World War II, and I would certainly call for the deportation or expulsion of all Muslim foreign nationals at this juncture.

The title of his column is “Is it time to deport, intern foreign Muslims?” So, according to Rush, we should re-enact one of the most shameful chapters of American history in which we, without legal, moral or Constitutional justification, locked up over 100,000 Japanese people? I’ll bet my last dollar that if you asked Rush, he would swear on a stack of Republican Bibles that he worships the Constitution. Except, you know, when Muslims are involved.


Oh, but he only wants to lock up foreign nationals so it’s OK! After all, how can we really know if they’re not terrorists?

I would submit that the absence of demonstrable violence does not necessarily constitute being “peaceful.” In the years since the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on America by militant Muslims, the question of just who and where these “peaceful” Muslims are has been discussed endlessly. Americans have asked the question – time and again – why the so-called “peaceful Muslims” we hear so much about are reticent to disavow the actions of militant Muslims.

Curiously, I just answered that question yesterday. Muslims have been disavowing the actions of militant Muslims. A lot. All over the world. For quite some time. It’s almost like Rush hasn’t even bothered to check. And not for nothing, several Muslim countries are currently helping us bomb Daesh (IS) this very second. With actual planes and bombs. If Rush thinks this is “reticent”, perhaps he found the word in a dictionary and forgot to look at the meaning?

But of course, the whole point of this “reticent” claim is to stigmatize Muslims:

Contrary to the contentions of the political left, it would appear that the majority of Muslims worldwide are more than willing to rationalize the actions of those the Western press dubs “militant Muslims” as that of defending Islam or the so-called rights of Muslims. The history of Islam certainly bears this out, as does the Quran, which expressly calls for violence – and beheadings in particular – in the advance of Islam.

And there it is: “the majority of Muslims worldwide.” I know I already bet my last dollar above, but I’d bet my second-to-last-dollar that there is no number of protesting Muslims that would be enough for Rush and the right wing. If 100,000 Muslims protested in the Middle East, it wouldn’t be enough. If one million Muslims swarmed Washington DC to demand an end to Deash, it wouldn’t be enough. If one billion Muslims picked up weapons to fight the extremists, it wouldn’t be enough. It will never be enough. Ever.

Why? Because the fear and hate of the right wing is boundless, endless and always waiting for a moment of weakness to drag America back to our worst moments as a nation and there must always be an enemy.