Pro-Life GOPer Demands We Napalm Any Area In The World That Might Have Ebola – Including Dallas

What do Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Dallas, Texas, all have in common? Conservative lunatic Todd Kincannon wants to firebomb them out of existence so he doesn’t get Ebola.

Despite describing himself as “conventionally pro-life” (meaning opposing abortion even in the case of rape and incest), Kincannon doesn’t mind murdering large numbers of post-borns if he thinks they may be near a victim of the Ebola virus.

On twitter, he explained his strategy, which appears to be a literal scorched earth approach to disease control.

That appears to be a slight upgrade from his earlier approach, which was simply to “humanely” execute anyone diagnosed with Ebola.

And like some of his Republican peers, Kincannon isn’t about to let compassion get in the way of murdering anyone. While Donald Trump advocated that we simply abandon any healthcare worker who contracts Ebola to die in misery, Kincannon believes we should take it a step further and actively kill them for having the audacity to get sick while trying to help others.

So far there has been only one reported case of Ebola in the United States. That man–currently in critical condition–was quarantined and those he had come into contact with are being monitored but show no signs of Ebola. Even so, Kincannon isn’t going to let the relative impossibility of his acquiring Ebola stop him from freaking out and overreacting.

Making matters worse, Kincannon is a virulent racist, so his plan to exterminate entire villages in Africa so that he doesn’t catch a virus he is almost surely not going to catch anyway is rooted in the idea that the lives of people in Africa are worth less than his.

In one tweet, Kincannon compared murdering anyone with Ebola to putting down Old Yeller.

There’s nothing wrong with compassion. But there’s also nothing wrong with survival. Sometimes you gotta put Old Yeller down.

Later, he further explained that Africans are fundamentally worthless because they can’t do math like unrecognized genius Todd Kincannon, esq. can.

Kincannon was once a rising star of the South Carolina Republican party working as a strategist and legal counsel until his inability to stop saying horribly offensive, racist, homophobic, misogynistic or otherwise insane things publicly cost him his job.

Now, he runs his own law firm under his name, although it’s hard to see how he maintains his work given the fact that he is on twitter writing racist screeds 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

One of those tweets was his insistence that he was not, in fact, a racist.


See? Definitely no racism there.