Indiana State Trooper Allegedly Tried To Get Motorist To Find Jesus During Traffic Stop

Some might argue that Ellen Bogan might be thankful after she was pulled over by State Trooper Brian Hamilton for an alleged traffic violation and escaped with a warning. The problem, though, is that the morning came with a good ole’ dose of Christian proselytization.

With the lights on his marked police car still flashing, the trooper handed Bogan a warning ticket. Then, Bogan said, Hamilton posed some personal questions.

Did she have a home church?

Did she accept Jesus Christ as her savior?
Source: IndyStar

Hamilton also allegedly gave her a pamphlet from the First Baptist Church in Cambridge City that asks to “acknowledge that (she is) a sinner.” Here’s a copy.

The pamphlet, which was included in the lawsuit, advertises a radio broadcast from “Trooper Dan Jones” called “Policing for Jesus Ministries.” It also outlines “God’s plan for salvation,” a four-point list that advises the reader to “realize you’re a sinner” and “realize the Lord Jesus Christ paid the penalty for your sins.”

Sure, Hamilton has a First Amendment right to express his religious beliefs but even in a private sector workplace, he may have violated Bogan’s rights. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act allows religious freedom in the workplace but it also protects from religious harassment.

However, Hamilton is also a government employee, which means that as a representative of the government, he has to be extra careful to keep religion out of the workplace.

Image courtesy of Wikipedia

Image courtesy of Wikipedia

Bogan felt she couldn’t leave because Hamilton’s lights were flashing the entire time he was proselytizing.

Hamilton also allegedly violated the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution because he kept her stopped far longer than he should have to just issue a warning.

To the extent that Trooper Hamilton unreasonably extended the length of the traffic stop beyond the time necessary to present Ms. Bogan with a warning ticket Trooper Hamilton violated the Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution.
Source: Wonkette