Marriage Equality Is Here To Stay After Supreme Court Rejects Appeals

The United States today woke up to the news that the attempts to overturn lower court decisions which gave the right to marry to all citizens regardless of sexual orientation have been defeated. The Supreme Court declined to even listen to appeals against lower court decisions, a move which came as a surprise move to most who were following the case. By letting the lower courts decision stand, the stays which were in place will end, and marriage licenses may now be issued.

This move directly affects five states which had already filed appeals to lower court decisions: Virginia, Wisconsin, Utah, Oklahoma and Indiana. Also, it will likely cause other states which are in the same federal circuit as those which were decided today, namely Colorado, Kansas, North Carolina, South Carolina, West Virginia, and Wyoming, to abandon these plans. This brings the total number of states with marriage equality to 30, along with the District of Columbia.


Equality At Last

It was only a decade ago when Massachusetts became the first state to allow same sex couples the right to marry. The movement for marriage equality has come so far in this time. The decision today not to hear arguments against marriage equality is a cause to celebrate for the nation. For if one of us is denied their basic rights, we all lose our rights. Society is built on community, on support, and respecting each other. The granting of special rights to some, but not others, to be wed, was an intolerance which we as a society have decided should stand no more.

Several states still have court cases pending, but the tide is clearly against those who seek to deny basic rights to the LGBT community. The war against intolerance, hatred and bigotry is far from over, but we can sit back and enjoy this victory today.