Palin’s Drunken Brawl Detailed Out In Released Police Report

The police report over last month’s drunken brawl at a birthday party has cast new light over the events which have overshadowed the Palin family. The narrative which comes out, once organized, presents the Palin’s not as righteous defenders, nor as ignorant brawlers, but instead as a case of intoxicated judgement leading to bad decisions on all sides.

The police report details two very different incidents, one involving Bristol and Willow Palin, and the other involving Track Palin with a group of other men. It appears that on Todd Palin’s birthday, they decided on crashing another birthday party at the home of Chris Olds.

This began a chain of events.

The incident with Track Palin appears to have happened as the Palin family decided on leaving, finding out that they were unwelcome at the birthday party. While leaving, a friend of Track’s, listed in the report as Stephen, was sucker punched by someone from the party. Track moved to defend, which resulted in several people knocking both Stephen and Track down, and beating on them.

Once the assault on Track was finished, Willow Palin told Bristol Palin of the attack, and laid the blame on someone within the house. The result was a very intoxicated Bristol going into the house to defend her sister’s honor. Once inside, Bristol punched the home’s owner, Korey Klingenmeyer, in the face six times before she was restrained. Various reports of language, including some very misogynistic language thrown at Bristol, were detailed.

Mr. Klingenmeyer denied Track’s claim that he was involved in the fight with Track, and that he had ordered anyone who wished to fight out of his house shortly before Bristol stormed in. Steve Leiba, the man who Track claimed was sucker punched, refused to be interviewed by the police, but was reported by the officers on-scene as “bleeding from his eye and nose.”

The report lays out a rather simple scenario, one of alcohol fueled violence and impaired judgement on all parties. If it were not for the name attached to the brawl being Palin, nobody would even raise an eyebrow. But instead, this is a former Vice-Presidential candidate turned reality tv starlet, someone attempting to stretch her 15 minutes of fame as far as possible. Now that the witness reports have been released, will there be more retaliation against those who told the truth against the Palin family? Only time will tell.

Here is the police report in its entirety: