Super Angry Ammosexual Uses His Young Daughter To Threaten The President (VIDEO)

“Patriot” may now be the most overused and misused word in the English language. Instead of someone who loves their country,¬†it’s come to mean someone who hates it, and hates everyone who doesn’t see it from their exact rage-filled¬†vantage point behind the barrel of a gun.

With that in mind, allow me to introduce you to Drew Walker. Like so many other people on social media, Walker thinks he has something to say. He has a lot to say, actually, and all of it is addressed toward “patriots” who love their guns and are absolutely convinced that Obama is out to take them away (come on, Mr. President, time is ticking, when are you going to take those guns?).

Actual d*ck shots are against Facebook’s terms and conditions, so Walker takes pictures of the next best thing, his guns. He takes lots and lots of pictures of guns. There are more gun pics than a teenager has duck-face pics. Sometimes, he even posts pictures of his adorable young girl pointing a gun at the camera and adding a very clever way of threatening the President, “So Obutthead you want my pappies guns I say come try and get them.” I wish I could give him the benefit of the doubt and say they were actually his daughter’s words, but after listening to his videos, I doubt it.


For reasons we can only imagine, Walker’s videos aren’t on YouTube, but they litter his Facebook account. This one is particularly angry. It’s cleverly entitled, “To all liberals eat shit and die.” He’s sure we want to stop him from doing whatever he does (to be fair, I have said that extreme anger issues should disqualify someone from owning a gun, unfortunately, gun manufacturers would go broke if that were the case).

Here’s the rant. Beware, it’s definitely NSFW and almost every other word is a swear word.