’19 Kids And Counting’s’ Jim Bob Dugger Advises On Birth Control, Hopefully Nobody Listens (VIDEO)

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are such societal anomolies due to the number of kids that they have produced that they have their own network television show. Also, frighteningly enough, Jim Bob Duggar is also a former Arkansas state representative. In other words, he once had the ability to make laws. Perhaps the most frightening part of this is his views on birth control.


Jim Bob Duggar of “19 Kids and Counting” gives out dangerously inaccurate information regarding women’s health, insisting that birth control pills “can be abortive.” Image Credit: The Raw Story

The Duggars admit that they have been married since Jim Bob was nineteen and Michelle was seventeen. They also admit to using birth control in the early years of the marriage, despite their current views that such medical intervention into God’s intentions is a sin. In a recent interview, the Duggar patriarch addresses their views on birth control. Jim Bob says:

Something we didn’t know is that the pill can allow women to get pregnant, but then it can be aborted, and it really – that’s what happened with Michelle. She went on the pill after Josh and then got pregnant, and then the pill actually caused a miscarriage, and so that was really when we started examining this. We started looking at the fine print of the contraception, and it said this could happen, and then we talked to a Christian doctor, and he explained this to us.

Now, anyone with a half a brain knows that no medical science supports these statements. A Christian doctor told them that birth control is the same as abortion? More than likely it was a religious nut from the same Quiverfull movement that supports things like child abuse a la Michael and Debbie Pearl’s To Train Up a Child book, which has been found in numerous homes of people convicted of abuse and child cruelty, and even child death. So, they are taking scripture, rather than medical science, as truth. Considering their beliefs, there is no surprise there.

For the record, there is no medical science that indicates that the taking of birth control by pregnant women can abort a pregnancy, or even endanger a fetus, This is all very much a religious falsehood.

Duggar didn’t stop there, though. He went on to say:

Scripture says that children are a blessing and gift from God, and we said, ‘God, please forgive us. Scripture says my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge, and that’s really what happened with us. So we ended up just giving this area of our life to God, and right after that, God blessed us with twins – and then another one, and another one.

So he is using the teachings of a 2,000 year old book to make modern medical decisions. That explains a lot. However, in all his ignorance, Duggar realized that he was, at one point in time, impregnating his wife too much and having too many children. But, he soldiered on, saying:

Matter of fact, we got up to about seven or eight, (and) we thought, ‘What have we done? We’ve got so many children, and we didn’t know if we could take care of all of them and feed them and everything. It’s amazing how God has always provided for us every step of the way. Those little kids grew up to be warriors for the Lord, and so we love going and serving together as a family, involved in political races, involved in going to nursing homes and singing, and just trying and encourage people in other families.

So, you want to encourage destitute families who have children they cannot take care of (not to mention the cash flow of a reality TV series like you have) to continue to procreate? Very responsible of you, Mr. Duggar.

Of course, buried in all of this, is a religious message. Duggar concludes:

We get emails in from others that have said, ‘Hey, I was considering having an abortion, but then I turned on your show and I thought, you know, if this lady can do it with 19 kids, I can do it with one, and I decided not to have an abortion. We’ve had hundreds of letters of people who have accepted the Lord as their savior, people who their families have started going to church, and so that really makes it all worth it.

In other words, Duggar is using his family’s TLC platform to espouse unrealistic, patriarchial, antiquated, anti- choice views. Not surprising, but still disturbing, since so many people take what they preach on that show as gospel truth.

In  his final message, Duggar pushes the church, which is a surprise to absolutely no one:

I think as they’re seeing the liberal left being more offensive, and even running legislation that’s just really in the face of Christians, I think it’s waking up Christians and churches, but I think when everybody’s so comfortable, everything’s going pretty well, they just aren’t involved because a lot of Christians are involved in church activities and other things, and they’re just going to leave the politics to everybody else, but it’s caused a lot of problems, so hopefully there’ll be more people get involved, and get behind the Christians that are running.

Newsflash, Mr. Duggar- Christianity does not run America. The Constitution does. I am thankful for this, considering the fact that someone who thinks as you do was EVER elected to a position of power. May your show go off the air soon, and may you and your bizarre views and family fade into obscurity where you belong.

Watch the interview containing these statements below: