Zionist Propaganda Video Gets Re-Edited With Disturbing Footage Of Israeli War Crimes (VIDEO)

The Zionist propaganda organization Israel In Context released a video about two years ago entitled I Stand With Israel. The video featured an obviously calculated, racially balanced cast of Millennial aged talking heads. They each proclaim their vague nationalistic reasons why they support Israel. The producers of the video even had the audacity to one head say “[I stand with Israel] Because I truly want a better future for Palestinians.” Someone has taken the video and re-edited it with scenes of extreme violence and devastation Israel wrought against the people of Palestine. Interspersed between Zionist rhetoric, clips of fighter jets dropping bombs on Palestinian buildings appear. Men, women, and children are shown being blown apart by Israel.

Israel In Context, who uses the motto “Because Without Context You’re Just Being Conned,” in their logo appears to be founded by Roy Stein and Lara Berman.Their website’s about section reads:

“Israel in context takes the news of the day and provides the history context and facts surrounding those events, while incorporating sketches and humor so audiences can get the whole story, better navigate the media, and make up their own minds – all while being entertained! Imagine, Israel in context… finally!”

The re-edited version of the video has been posted to Facebook by Shehab News Agency.

Warning this video contains scenes of war and real death. Towards the end an extremely gruesome clip of a child dying is shown.