War Machine’s Suicide Note Blames Men’s Oppression For Making Him Beat Ex-Girlfriend

Last month, Jonathan Koppenhaver — more commonly known as MMA fighter “War Machine” — was found struggling for air in his jail cell after an attempted suicide. War Machine was arrested in August for the brutal attack and rape of his ex-girlfriend, Christy Mack.

On the day War Machine tried to end his life — October 14th — the mixed martial artist had left a suicide note behind. That note has been obtained and released by TMZ. In the note, he apologized for beating and sexually assaulting Christy Mack and said he wanted “to die proudly when it is no longer possible to live proudly,” in the words of philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche.

War Machine has quite a long history of misogynistic comments toward women, but he first addresses Mack kindly in the letter. He says, “I loved you more than freedom” and says he’s forgiven her for “cheating” on him, despite the fact that they’d broken up several months before War Machine found another man in her bed while breaking into her home.

In his absence, War Machine tells his brother to “keep alpha male shit alive” — echoing previous Men’s Rights Movement language War Machine has become infamous for (in the past, he’s said men’s oppression is worse than slavery).

Photo Credit: War Machine Twitter

Photo Credit: War Machine Twitter

However, his attitude changes later in the letter as he admits to “crying like a lil’ bitch” and blames Mack for the “f*cking ridiculous” allegations that have ruined his life. He wrote:

“They wanna charge me with battery and domestic violence? Fine, do it, but don’t railroad me with B.S. fantasy charges like: Rape! Attempted murder! Kidnapping! And Burglary! It’s making it impossible for for justice.

I’m a good person with a huge heart and everyone who knows me know that, especially Christy.” (source)

War Machine seems to have forgotten that he fractured Mack’s rib, ruptured her liver, knocked out her teeth and broke her nose. Not to mention that he attempted to kill her, and would have succeeded if she hadn’t run away. Instead, he suggests that Mack’s “scumbag agent” is pressuring her to testify against him for cash.

Toward the end, War Machine again whines about men’s rights, saying:

“Society has killed men, I was never meant to live in this era anyway. Follow your dreams and think for yourselves.” (source)

He concludes the note with another Nietzsche quote: “Verily, I often laugh at the weaklings who think themselves good because they have no claws.”

You can read the full suicide letter here.

Since his attempted suicide was discovered, he has been placed in medical isolation. There are 32 charges piled against him and he will appear in court on Novemeber 14th for a preliminary hearing.

Here’s a report, via KTNV: