Fox News Tries To Blame Minimum Wage For McDonald’s Woes — McDonald’s Blames Food (VIDEO)

For the last several months, Fox News has been trumpeting the Wall Street tune that raising the minimum wage will kill Grandma, cause the earth to spin out of orbit and teach the Quran to a whole Benghazi-load of Obamacare’s Ebola victims (oops, I think I must have misplaced my Fox Talking Points Style Guide). Anyway, the minimum wage has not been raised, but that didn’t stop Fox and Friends for blaming the fact that McDonald’s stock is in the tank on the talk of raising the minimum wage.

Fox Business Host Maria Bartiromo appeared on Fox and Friends on Tuesday to speculate on the 30 percent drop in McDonald’s profits.

STEVE DOOCY: Meanwhile, McDonald’s, the Golden Arches, reporting a 30 percent drop in corporate profits.

BRIAN KILMEADE: Why? Well, it turns out workers’ wages might be to blame.


BARTIROMO: Well, the issue really is, this is the implication of raising the minimum wage for certain companies. I mean, something’s got to give. The money comes from somewhere. At some point, a company will say, ‘OK, we have a higher expense rate because we are raising the minimum wage we’ve got to do something somewhere else.’ In this case, they are going to automation. They are changing certain jobs to computers.


AINSLEY EARHARDT: So it’s really biting them in the tail. They were complaining, saying ‘we want more money,’ and as a result, McDonald’s [is] saying,’Hey, we’re going to lose some of you guys, and we’re going to replace you with machines.’

Transcription from Media Matters

Besides the fact that minimum wages haven’t gone up, and with most pundits saying Republicans will have control of both the House and the Senate as of January, it’s VERY unlikely the minimum wage will rise on a national basis; even McDonald’s isn’t blaming the theoretical minimum wage. Their reason? People think McDonald’s sucks.

According to McDonald’s CEO Don Thompson:

“One of its biggest challenges in the U.S. is long-held perceptions around the freshness and quality of its ingredients. The chain has been fighting to boost sales as people gravitate toward foods they feel are more wholesome. As a result, people have been gravitating to places like Chipotle, which markets its ingredients as being of superior quality.”

As for the minimum wage, Thompson has said that “McDonald’s will be fine” if the minimum wage goes to $10.10 per hour.

Here’s the video: