Cowardly House Republicans Delay Lawsuit Against President Obama Because They Know It Will Backfire

Remember when House Republicans and Speaker John Boehner announced their intention to sue President Obama in federal court over accusations of abusing executive power? Yeah, as it turns out, Republicans have chickened out as the 2014 election nears.

Instead of pursuing the lawsuit against President Obama as originally planned, Boehner and the rest of the cowards who make up the conservative majority in Congress have decided to wait until after the election in November. Why would they do this, you ask? Because if the GOP went ahead with it now, they know they would be pummeled at the polls by the American electorate.

In a vote split along party lines in July, Republicans approved of Boehner’s lawsuit against the president, but poll after poll has shown that Americans oppose it.

A CBS poll in August found that 54 percent disapprove of the Republican lawsuit while only 37 percent support it. Likewise, a CNN poll revealed similar numbers, 57 percent rejected the lawsuit and 41 percent approved. Not only did the American people yell loud and clear that they didn’t like this action by the GOP, another poll showed that moving forward with such a politically motivated tactic would fire up Democratic voters in a big way.

In yet another August poll, 88 percent of Democrats said they would be more likely to vote if Republicans moved forward with their lawsuit against President Obama. So, as a result, Republicans have quietly postponed their lawsuit until after the election out of fear of history repeating itself.

In 1998, Republicans suffered losses at the polls after they unsuccessfully attempted to impeach former President Clinton. It sounds like Republicans are trying to avoid that exact fate in the present day.

Of course, if Republicans believe that they are right in bringing their lawsuit, they should do so now instead of acting like a caucus of cowards. But they don’t want to because they know the lawsuit is pure bullshit and that the American people know it. Why suffer the wrath of pissed off voters when they can wait until the election is over when there are no consequences? But this is why Democrats must still flock to the polls this coming Election Day. Sitting back and letting Republicans waltz into the Senate as the majority only gives them a chance to not only file their lawsuit without repercussions, it gives them the opening to attempt another impeachment of a Democratic president.

For years, Republicans have been calling for removing President Obama from office. Until now, they haven’t been able to use the Senate as their own personal court because Democrats control the chamber. If Democrats lose the Senate, that changes. And there won’t be anything the American people can do about it. That’s why we have to do something about it on Election Day.