NC Democrats Crushing GOP With Massive Early Voting Lead, Despite All That Vote Rigging (Video)

North Carolina is tallying their Early Voting numbers, and so far, NC Democrats are crushing the GOP with massive leads. Apparently, when you try to keep seniors, people of color, and poor people from voting — and NC Republicans passed one of the worst voter ID laws in America last year — those people and their allies get really angry and start turning out in droves.

Thank you, Republicans.

Early Voting began on October 15, and WNCN reports 386,411 voters — nearly 400,000 — have cast their ballots so far. Of those, a whopping 148,001 ballots came from registered Democrats, as opposed to a far less impressive 88,900 from registered Republicans.

That is the official figure, current through Sunday, provided by the North Carolina State Board of Elections and includes mail-in, military, one-stop and overseas votes. The [early voting] number represents a little more than 5 percent of the 6.6 million registered voters in North Carolina.

In an update, WCNC reports Democrats have “long enjoyed an advantage in Early Voting,” but add that this year’s turnout is unusually high. Political science professor and analyst Dr. Michael Bitzer adds that, so far, year’s midterm election turnout feels more like what you’d see during a presidential election year.

“It does not feel like a traditional midterm election.It is eye-opening for Republicans in particular, and especially the Thom Tillis campaign, simply because this should a lean GOP year.”

Of course, Democrats need to get out the vote on Election Day before popping the corks off the champagne bottles. But so far, things look great for our side of the aisle.

WCNC reports on Early Voting in NC.

Here’s the video with WCNC’s report on NC Democrats crushing the GOP with their massive lead in Early Voting… despite all of the GOP’s vote rigging and vote blocking.

Featured Photo: WCNC.

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