Fox News Jumps The Shark, Now Bashing Obama For Making Price Of Gas… Too Cheap

Reaching levels of partisan desperation that had previously been unknown to science, Fox News has officially criticized Obama for making gas pricesĀ too cheap. It marks the first day in which Fox News hasn’t criticized Obama for making gas prices too expensive.

Fox News and its sister station, Fox Business, have an unspoken rule that requires them to make any news item they cover fit into the narrative that President Obama is an abject failure and unfit to run the country. To that end, if the news doesn’t inherently fit into that box, it’s the unenviable job of the Fox News host to smash, squish, and tear the story apart until it does.

So when Fox Business has to cover the politically inconvenient low price of gasoline, all logical consistency must be tossed out the window in order to maintain the “Obama is terrible” talking point. It’s how we find ourselves today watching Fox Business’ Stuart Varney bash Obama for the low price of gasoline.


And just three years ago (when gasoline was about a dollar more expensive), we got Fox Business covering this:


Which is it, Fox? What makes Obama the worst Kenyan, socialist, Muslim president of all time? Low prices of gasoline or high?

Of course, this isn’t the first time Fox had to waffle between complaints about gas prices. Media Matters caught Fox doing the same thing in 2012 – again with Varney leading the charge.

As any economist would tell you, the price of gasoline is constantly in flux based on a great number of complex factors. Even just the time of year signals drastic changes in price. During the summer, when traffic is up, the price of gasoline tends to rise, as well. In the winter, when people are more sedentary, the gas prices fall. To translate for Fox News viewers: look for Obama to be bashed for high gas prices when it’s hot outside and bashed for low gas prices when there is white stuff on the ground.

In a way, we should pity the poor souls at Fox News who must, day after day, find ways to criticize Obama over an economy that is actually growing stronger all the time. It must be grueling work. The average Fox Business viewer might not be aware of it, but Obama has been on a bit of a tear lately with quite a few economic victories to his name. Setting aside the fall in gas prices, Obama has also cut the federal budget deficit to its lowest point in six years and stopped the economic tailspin that the housing and jobs markets were in when he took office during the worst economic crisis in the last century.

It’s no wonder, all things considered, that Forbes (not one to give credit to liberals typically) took a look at Obama’s economic achievements and declared him the “best economic president of modern times.” It goes a long way of explaining why Fox has had to reach so far into its bag of tricks to find ways to criticize his performance on the economy.

h/t Wonkette