Pope Francis: You’re Not Communist If You Care For The Poor, Criticize Capitalism (VIDEO)

Since becoming Pope, Jorge Mario Bergoglio has spoken out about the excesses of capitalism. Right-wing pundits in the United States have responded with criticism calling him a Communist, Marxist, or Socialist. Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh have both attacked the Pope, labeling him a Marxist. Other conservatives have identified the Holy See as a Socialist.

While addressing the World Meeting of Popular Movements at the Vatican on Tuesday, Pope Francis again dismissed claims he is a communist. He said he simply urges activism against the “structural causes” of poverty as dictated by Christian doctrine.

The World Meeting of Popular Movements is a three day conference attended by farmers, fishermen, miners, and Argentine “cartoneros,” who sift through garbage for recyclable goods. Evo Morales, Bolivia’s first indigenous president was also in attendance. Morales is known for his socialist views.

Newsweek reports the Pope conveyed the following to the crowd,

“Let’s say together with our heart: no family without a roof, no peasant farmer without land, no worker without rights, no person without dignified labour!”

Pope Francis made certain his audience knew he was on their side,

“Today I want to unite my voice with yours and accompany you in your fight”.

According to The Independent, the Pope, anticipating how this message might be received by critics, further clarified,

“Land, housing and work are increasingly unavailable to the majority of the world’s population,” but said “If I talk about this, some will think that the Pope is communist. They don’t understand that love for the poor is at the centre of the Gospel. Demanding this isn’t unusual, it’s the social doctrine of the church”.

Francis denounced the injustice the poor must bear and a world that wants to forget. He spoke of the “scandal” of hunger and the lost generation of young people who are unemployed. The Pope also brought to light the prevalence of grassroots movements around the world. Pope Francis believes they…

“express the urgent need to revitalize our democracies, which are often held hostage by numerous factors”.

Coverage of the conference by the Vatican,

The Pope continued his message of support for the poor Saturday in a special All Saints Day Mass at the Cemetery of Verano in Rome.

He paid tribute to the “unknown saints” who flee war, hunger and poverty, the jobless and the homeless.

“It seems that the people, the hungry and sick children do not count. They seem to be of a different species, not even human. This multitude stands before of God… Those who come from great tribulation in the many parts of the world. The Lord sanctifies these people through tribulation”

USA Today filed this report on the Pope’s All Saints Day visit to the Cemetery of Verano,