Alex Jones: ‘Racist’ Obama Gave ‘Green Light’ for ‘Groups of Black Youths’ to Kidnap White Women (AUDIO)

On Monday, Alex Jones took to his soapbox to discuss Ben Stein’s recent characterization of President Barack Obama as “the most racist president there has ever been in America.” Of course, as his prized website InfoWars is a bastion of racism, paranoia, and hatred, Jones agreed with Stein’s assessment.

“I tend to agree with that because all the bad things that our Founding Fathers did was done in their time,” Jones said on his show. “When in Africa and in Asia and in the Middle East, no one was saying slavery is wrong. Everybody had slaves.”

“It was our founding fathers and mothers that said ‘We need to examine this and get rid of it’,” Jones claimed. “So when we see the controlled corporate media point its finger at our Founders and at America, and say that we are the fount of racism, that is being done by people that want to promote it, and want to push it as a political diversion from all of the real discrimination that’s going on.”

Jones said that Obama “promotes racial division and race-baiting more than anybody before,” later adding that he is “sick” of President Obama and the Democratic Party “demonizing” the Founding Fathers by correctly pointing out that they owned slaves.

Later in the show, Jones recounted a tale of when he allegedly ate at a nice restaurant in what he called a “gentrified area,” where he says someone “tried to mug us.” Mysteriously, the “mugger” left them along after Jones refused to give him money.

“And it was a black guy doing it to us,” he said in a further effort to demonize black people. “And one of my crew members went out Saturday, and almost got mugged downtown. People pulled out knives. ‘We’re going to kill you, whitey.’”

“They’ve so energized some black folks with hatred, they believe it’s okay to go out and attack whites,” Jones added. “Just go out, you will deal with black Ku Klux Klan people basically.”

Jones said that “groups of black youths” roamed the streets of downtown Austin, Texas to “beat up whites.” In fact, “six black males” beat up a man and asexually assaulted his girlfriend just last week, according to Jones.

“White houses, white businesses are being attacked,” the raving lunatic continued. “It’s like the Klan running around, who was racially motivated, randomly targeting black people to physically attack.”

African-Americans are so horrible, according to Mr. Jones, that they will never pass up an opportunity to be violent. One of his friends was also a victim of an unverifiable attack by black people.

“Six black males come over two him, pull a knife out and basically say, give us your woman — she is an attractive lady, his girlfriend — or we’re going to stab you,” Jones declared. “And began punching him, and he has bruises on him, and then he just said, ‘Yes, you’re right, you win, you’re wonderful.’ And they didn’t stab him to death.”

“It’s racial! It’s racial!” Jones incoherently screamed. “I know this, [Obama] sure promotes it!”

“And there’s sure been this green light put out that being white is inherently evil. Or even Hispanic,” Jones said.

Listen to the ravings of this madman, below: