MSNBC Pundit Sees Doom For Victorious GOP: ‘Those Old White People? They’ll Die Some Day’ (Video)

Feeling depressed about the election? Democratic strategist Jimmy Williams has some great news for you: All those old, mean, racist white people who voted for Republicans this year will die eventually.

Yes, you read that right. During a Tuesday night panel on MSNBC, Williams told Krystal Ball:

“Mitt Romney only won South Carolina with 53 [percent], John McCain with 52. That’s a changing South. Those old white people? They’re going to die someday. And who’s going to be there to replace them? People that want you to be for them, not against them.”

This drove right-wingers even more crazy than Williams’ other comment about how the Democrats would have easily won if President Barack Obama weren’t black.

“The problem, though is … I believe, and I firmly believe this, if we did not have an African-American president in the white house as we speak right now, Mary Landrieu would not be in trouble. Kay Hagan would not be in any kind of trouble. Michelle Nunn would win overwhelmingly. And, you know, maybe Alison Lundergan Grimes would do well.”

But guess what? Instead of howling and caterwauling about the lying liberal media, Republicans should take a long, hard look in the mirror. After all, Williams’ description of their base is spot-on.

Furthermore, it’s a well known fact that older folks skew conservative, get more of their news from Fox, and that a higher percent of them turn out for midterm elections. In fact, that’s how the GOP won the house in 2010.

(Rachel) MaddowBlogger Steve Bennen writes:

The age gap between younger voters and seniors was huge in 2010 and had a lot to do with the Republican wave election. As NBC News’ exit polls found , this was even more pronounced yesterday.

He adds:

In today’s midterms, 37% of voters are over the age of 60 but only 12% of are under 30 years old. This 25 point difference is larger than the 16 to 20 point age gap seen in the last three midterms.

To be fair, Williams also takes Democrats to task for failing to get their message across and for backing away from Obama’s successes and their own progressive, inclusive agenda:

“Listen. If you want to have a conversation as Democrats, about whether or not you’re pro-equality, pro-women, pro-privacy, pro-choice, pro-voting rights, and pro-equal rights, I’m pretty sure those are all Democratic principles. […]”

Furthermore, Williams points out that Democratic candidates should have focused more on what they’re for and less on what they’re against.

“You want to lean into those things, you want to talk about them, you ought to embrace them, you ought to lean forward — remember our slogan — and you ought to own those, because that’s what you’re for. You’re for PEOPLE. When you’re AGAINST people? Then people don’t want to vote for you.”

Williams on how the Democrats could have won:

Watch Williams tell Krystal Ball on MSNBC how the Democrats can take control of their message and win in 2016.


Featured image: Video screen grab via MSNBC.