Roseanne Destroys Every Republican Who Just Won The Mid-Term – 20 Years Ago (VIDEO)

The Republican mantra goes a little something like this “Give businesses tax incentives so they will move into the area and create new jobs.” With the economy being considered the number one issue for voters in the 2014 mid-term election it would appear this message resonated with voters across the United States given the victories of the recent Republican party.

Except in reality that mantra doesn’t play out the way that Republicans would like people to believe it does. The United States needs a wake up call to see what Republicans have in store for the United States now that they have taken over so many state governments and the United States Senate.

What better way to debunk the Republican myth than a hilarious clip from Rosanne that aired 20 years ago?

In the clip a congressional candidate goes door-to-door looking to hear from his constituents.

“Bringing in business is my number one priority,” the politician offers. Skeptically Rosanne asks the State Representative hopeful how he plans on bringing in new business.

“Through tax incentives. We’re going to make it cheaper for out-of-state businesses to set up shop right here.”

Rosanne responds “So they get a tax break? So who’s going to pay the taxes they ain’t paying?”

“Well… you will,” the candidate says.

This is one thing every person needs to remember. When a candidate says they want to give businesses tax breaks they are really saying they want you to pay for those tax breaks either through higher taxes or through cuts in spending on programs to help the poor and working class.

“But you’ll be working good, steady employment,” the candidate says defensively.

Rosanne asks, “Union wages?”

The candidate answers, “”Well now, part of the reason theses companies are finding it so expensive to operate in other locations-”

“So there going to dump the unions, so they can come and hire us at scab wages and for that privilege we get to pay their taxes,” Rosanne interrupts.

Everyone needs to take a moment and reflect on the phrase “If it sounds too good to be true it probably is.” Creating more jobs and lowering taxes might sound like a good idea on the surface but the cuts have to come from somewhere and Republicans insist on them coming from anywhere but private industry.

You can watch the clip in full below.