Jon Stewart Rips George W. Bush For Painting At Home While Jimmy Carter Works To Help Others (VIDEO)

In an interview with CBS Sunday Morning, Jon Stewart was asked to comment on George W. Bush, and the Comedy Central host didn’t pull any punches.

Stewart sat down with Mo Rocca, a former Daily Show correspondent who now works for CBS, and the two discussed the comedian’s film, Rosewater, which also served as Stewart’s directorial debut. But the topic soon turned to the many politicians Stewart has interviewed on his show, including Donald Rumsfeld, whom Stewart grilled about the blunder that was the Iraq War.

As you’ll recall, Rumsfeld and the rest of the Bush Administration lied to the American people about Iraq having WMDs and a connection to the 9/11 terrorist attacks. As a result, the United States spent trillions of dollars and sacrificed thousands of lives on a war that should have never happened. The war also destabilized the region so much that it allowed a new terrorist group known as ISIS to take over large swaths of Iraq and Syria.

Speaking of George W. Bush, Rocca informed Stewart that the former president had been interviewed for the very same program. During that interview, Bush said that he didn’t regret invading Iraq. Rocca asked Stewart what he would say to him.

ROCCA: If we had a magical device where you could jump from this interview . . . and ask him anything?

STEWART: Tell me about umber and how it helps you when painting cats. I think it would be that. I think I would just stick with the painting stuff.

But Stewart couldn’t resist mocking Bush for how he has spent his retirement in relative seclusion painting fruit while other former presidents are actively trying to serve less fortunate people around the globe.

STEWART: Jimmy Carter’s, like, 108, he’s out in Africa, like, pulling Guinea worms out of children’s feet trying to cure them. Bush is at home: ‘Ah, bring me my fruit bowl, I’m doin’ a still life. Heh heh heh’

Here’s the video via CBS. The comments about Bush begin around the 4:30 mark.

It’s worth noting that George W. Bush is probably scared sh*tless of traveling the world to help others because many countries are just itching to arrest him for the war crimes he and his administration committed during his time in office, including sanctioning the use of torture. It’s either that, or Bush just doesn’t give a damn about the the plight of those who are struggling while he sits back and slaps colors on a canvass.