Selfies With Homeless People: The Latest Craze For Bored, Rich Kids

You might have thought that rich kids had exhausted their torment of homeless people after burning money in their faces, and literally killing them for sport.  But now a new craze is sweeping privileged youth culture: selfies with homeless people.

So, this latest sickening fad involves finding a homeless person, and snapping an oh so outrageous selfie to post on Tumblr or Instagram.  Then other youngsters come along to laugh and heap scorn on the mostly sleeping, ragged, destitute stranger.

Tumblr user Jason Feifer noticed the strange craze and started curating a Tumblr page to capture the scale of the issue – he is clear that he does not endorse the behavior, but believes it should be a matter of record.

Images like this…

Oh gross! This guy is totally ruining the park by being unable to afford so much as a tent to shelter from the elements.  Man, that must suck for you kids…


This guy however is able to see the funny side; because life-shortening poverty is like, totally hilarious!


And these guys are not alone. These pampered sprogs crawled about their towns, snapping away like their little lives depended upon it.

This story is as sickening as it is saddening.  I mean, where on earth are the consciences of these kids? How far removed are they from their own humanity that they can see a destitute person and think ‘Dude! Gross! Let’s selfie this disgusting thing in the corner!”

The fact is, the kids are reflecting the value our society places on homeless people.  All it takes is a person to become dirty, smelly, and unkempt – and they become detritus, vermin – of no more note or merit than a rat or a pigeon.

You think I’m being harsh, and its just a problem with these pimpled morons?

A short while ago, New York City Rescue Mission launched a video project called ‘Make Them Visible’.  The team got people to pose as if homeless, and secretly filmed their own family members and closest friends walking past.  Did their nearest and dearest recognize them?  No.  Even when the fake homeless family members looked their relatives in the eye, and spoke to them – the will to overlook and ignore was so strong, they dismissed their own loved ones.

Meanwhile, homeless shelters and welfare programs continue to be cut – while homelessness is criminalized across the country.  In many cities it is now illegal to sleep in your car or sit/recline in a public place, it is illegal to feed homeless people, and public buildings are putting in spikes and cages to keep homeless people from using flat surfaces or heating vents to make themselves slightly more comfortable through those long, cold, nights.

Homeless people are just human beings, like us, who have fallen through the cracks.  The only difference between us and them is our bank balance – that is it. Yet, politicians, pundits, and these privileged idiots continue to treat those without homes as if they were a wholly separate species, without the right to privacy and respect enjoyed by those of us with homes. I think it’s quite clear which group here are the savages…and it’s not the homeless people.